Party Like a Video Game Journalist

Ever wondered what it's like to party with a video game developer? We attended the Nexon party at E3 to see how they roll. Our verdict? It was off the hook!

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Hercules5103d ago

I would love to see how a developer parties. I did attend the BIG/WIGI E3 party though, it was pretty epic. I hard Activision knows how to get down, though.

gryewolf5103d ago

Buisy work indeed! Do you guys ever get any time to just relax? Seems like tons of tedious work to me.

Caspel5103d ago

Activision parties are more like big-named concerts and celebrity-tied affairs. They are fun, but not exactly a party since it has been more of a show in recent years.

H1ppyDave5103d ago

Man, you are a busy bunch of boys....

DarkBlade46585103d ago

Amazing, I would have just kept the camera right under that dancer the whole time.