Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting Set to Dominate

Geometry Wars reign as the 'Halo' of Xbox LIVE Arcade is in serious jeopardy as the highly anticipated release of Capcom's Street Fighter II' Hyper Fighting is set for Wednesday, August 2nd.

This franchise has been released and rehashed on consoles (including Xbox) for quite a while now...

So why the huge anticipation? Lets break it down...

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Sphinx5403d ago

I liked this game back in the day... I'm just not sure I'd play it now... well, not enough to spend $10. I might, we'll see.


noo, not again

i need my 360 back now!!

damn it MS,get my repaired box back to me!

THAMMER15403d ago

You are still waiting. When did they say it was going to back. My cuz got his in 4 days.



any day now, maybe even today!


but of course, the waiting is killing me. espcially when i see news like this and saints row!

Fraggerock5403d ago

How many players can hang out in Quarters match mode? Like, lobby wise or whatever.

THAMMER15403d ago

THAMMER1 letts play!!!!!!!!!


i'll be there as soon as i can!

THAMMER15403d ago

I am starting a gang called N.O.F.R. We are looking for the most offical and gansta on live so I know I will see you right. Oh I will tell you what it means if you join up.

Lucidmantra5403d ago (Edited 5403d ago )

why dont you just join the n4g 360 gaming clan like LANDOFSAND has. Msg me in XBL; gt is: lucidmantra and goto our new forums at and sign up there and I will set you up a forum for the Saints row gang. I have a chromehounds squad waiting for people and alot of the people who post here who are 360 fans are members (about 40-45 people) and I got something pretty big in the works. we will have a COD2 scrimmage team soon as i get people to the new forums and I already have someone for friendly matches.

pbo2m35403d ago

I never really cared for this game. I'm waiting for PAC MAN and Contra to come out. Maybe PaperBoy too.

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The story is too old to be commented.