Killzone 3 Misses Game Critics Awards Best of E3 List

Mucu from writes, "This morning I was greeted to the prestigious Game Critics Awards Best of E3 List. I always enjoy looking at it because it details what 31 top-notch media sources have deemed to be the best of the best. I personally agree with a good amount of the choices because I was able to get hands on with 90% of them, but there is one glaring omission from the list. Where is Killzone 3?

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Nike4607d ago (Edited 4607d ago )

This is almost as news-worthy as people bitching about how IGN or Gamespot didn't give some PS3 exclusive a perfect 10 (just higher than a 9 - sacrilege!). It's a matter of opinion, and just because they left it out doesn't mean it's "not good enough". People have different tastes - live with it. Killzone 2 didn't get many game of the year awards but since Uncharted 2 did, it's still counted as a "win" for the PS3 fanbase.

You know what the two "events" have in common? They're ultimately pointless in proving a game - any game's - quality.

@Mucudadada: That's the thing - who is everyone? I highly doubt that every one who went to E3 declared that Killzone 3 was more fun than any of the other nominated games. It's impossible to just go up to every one attendee anyway and measure their response. At best they'll tell you a handful of games but I am yet to see any one state flatout that they loved it more than anything else they played.

As for it not being nominated, as I stated, it's an issue of taste. Leaving aside Uncharted 2, if Killzone 2 didn't get any awards, would that be indicative of the game's quality? Several units sold and great reviews later, besides actual customers stating their satisfaction with the game (and all this positive response being enough to warrant a sequel), does it matter if it didn't recieve some award or the other?

It's the same case here, only much less significant. Remember when Splinter Cell Conviction got a "Best of E3" award (don't remember from where)? Did that have any significant impact on the game's sales or reviews? Did any one look back at that and say, "That award influenced my review or buying decision"?

Mucudadada4607d ago (Edited 4607d ago )

It has nothing to do with PS3 exclusivity. It is simply raising the question as to why it missed the list, when it seemed like everyone loved it when they played it. More so than some of the other nominated games.

@Nike - Yes, you are correct. Not everyone deemed it better, but I just wanted to make sure that people knew that the game is still shaping up to be a good game. And, it is strange that it did not get on the list even though many of the sites in the 31 gave it awards. It's just strange. That is all I'm pointing out. If you read the article I also talk about how personal opinion is still vital for this very reason.

Hell, it's better than an article titled, "KILLZONE 3 SUX - NOT ON BEST OF E3 LIST!"

Nike4607d ago (Edited 4607d ago )

The way I look at it, Killzone 3 is on a whole different playing field in terms of marketing, gameplay, awareness, etc. That is, it's not a franchise that's been uber-hyped like Gears or Halo. I chalk that down to Sony's overall marketing strategy but I do believe Killzone 3 is getting more attention for the innovations it's trying to bring forth like 3D, Move support and all the new gameplay features.

It'd be great if on the mother of all video game shows that Killzone 3 hogged the spotlight - but simply because of the presence of other big names, it's automatically going to get downplayed. While strange that it wasn't at least nominated, it's only one organization. So while personal opinion is important, they've got their differing opinion. "Killzone 3 Worst of E3" would have been flamebait, pure and simple, but as long as whoever writes it puts forth a clear and concise (and believable opinion), we have to take it. Simply because he's entitled to his opinion as much as we're entitled to ours.

(Reported "Lame" just because I disagree with the piece's newsworthiness - just my opinion, so please don't take it like I hate the story and want it to fail...not like that report makes a difference :P)

Timberland2K94607d ago

Nike I think you need a break from N4G, immediately.

Karooo4607d ago


enjoy getting trolled and give them hits.

Killzone 3 won the best shooter in gamespot and best 3d game in gametrailers.

Nike4607d ago (Edited 4607d ago )

I had never ever ever heard of any of those sites until visiting N4G. And I believe they have little to no people following them outside the site as well.

Some more names for that list:

1. Ironstarmovement
2. VG Arabia
3. Playstation University
4. PS3 Center
5. Hip Hop Gamer
6. TheBitBag
7. Now Gamer

@Timberland2K9: Damn boy, why so serious? I hate N4G, I admit it, but not just because of the relentless flamebait this site's been getting. It's also because of the lackluster moderation and support. I'm not getting salty for anything - though I can take a page from your book on how to get a restraining order issued against me.

Timberland2K94607d ago

Nothing personal, but you guys are fuc*ing dumb and you obviously hate N4G subconsciously, the reason those sites post on N4G is to spread their audience, hence the purpose of this god da*ned site -- LIVE WITH IT. Stop getting so salty for stupid sh*t.

tordavis4607d ago

We don't troll for hits. We try to post stuff on N4G that no other site posts. That's called original content, not trolling.

atticus144606d ago

original content? lolololololol I see the same thing on n4g everyday, crappy articles that have amazing headlines and then once you go to the site its like a 3rd graders book report, copied straight from some other site. Most articles lead you to believe that there is some content waiting for you at the link, but its usually just one paragraph of reading the same thing some other guy posted 3 pages ago, or its negative Playstation 3 FUD, thats not even close to true.

n4g is a great place when used properly but at the moment its just a bunch of 360 fanboy approved articles, despite seemingly more pro-ps3 "commentors". But like many others have said before when there is no positive news about your own console, all thats left to do is rip on the other one for hits.

Hercules4607d ago

Isn't this an opinion piece? He's stating why he thinks KZ3 should have made it. Remember when GTA4 got 10s across the board? All those sites hammering on why the THOUGHT it didn't deserve it? Cut it some slack. Geez.

Colonel-Killzone4607d ago

Killzone 3 is to good to be on that list anyway so I could care less.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr34607d ago

Do you really tell yourself that or are you joking?

Colonel-Killzone4606d ago

Do I really care what you think ? Hold on let me answer that for you no I don't care.

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