Jesuits urged to take God's word to 'Second Life'

Catholic missionaries have always trekked to remote parts of the world to spread the word of God. Now they are being encouraged to go into the virtual realm of Second Life to save virtual souls.

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the_round_peg6198d ago

Yes, God is coming to PS3 Home.

Dr Pepper6198d ago

That's what I was thinking while reading this. This may be worse than in-game ads if it spreads (which many people complain about).

NRG6198d ago

That could be a big undertaking. I've seen a few blatant Christian servers in some games and they always need to moderated closely 24/7...

Geewhizz6198d ago

At least in a virtual world we should be able to poke them in the eye with a crucifix

ArduousAndy6198d ago

so much for tolerance.
What is the big deal if they goto second life.

Geewhizz6198d ago

it aint about tolerence, it is about having the god squad invade ANOTHER aspect of life they should just leave. If i want to go to church i will go, if i want to be told what i should believe then i will go to church. I dont want someone trying to force their beliefs on me. I dont go into a church saying how they should all be atheist

ArduousAndy6198d ago

just like the real world, in the virtual world you can ignore them. If they try to whisper or send you a message about loving Jesus just type /ignore. Really it is not that difficult. They have just as much right as you do to go into the online world.

okcomputer6198d ago

That response would make sense if it weren't for the fact that religious groups CONSTANTLY attempt to censor all aspects of society that they deem inappropriate. If they can get offended and try to shut off and censor certain aspects of society, they why can't we in turn get annoyed with their activities and try to shut them out as well?

Most of these religious groups are total hypocrites when it comes to things like this. They're supposed to be entitled to go wherever they want "spreading the word", yet at the same time they claim the right to protest and seek to ban out anything they deem inappropriate by their own standards. The perfect example is the church of england taking action against sony because of the resistance stage in that church in manchester. If we're supposed to just "type/ignore" their intrusive actions, then they in turn should just "type/ignore" anything they find immoral and seek to ban. Churches should either keep out of popular culture or quit trying to ban everything they don't agree with. You can't have it both ways.

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YourMommySpoils1078d ago

Do that with Marvel Avengers and every other Gacha game and the wold would be great.


Five Games That Are Banned On Twitch [NSFW]

So, what games are you not allowed to stream on Twitch?

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1262d ago
XxINFERNUSxX1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

Poop💩💩💩 ;

1262d ago
Rambokind1261d ago

As they should be. There's no need for these kinds of games. It's just prurient nonsense.

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