Sony Already Falling Behind Microsoft When it Comes to Marketing Move

Since Sony and Microsoft both showed off their motion control tech at this years E3, we’ve seen little public demonstrations of Move. On the other hand Microsoft ’s Kinect has been on the move with it’s first public appearance to a live audience on NBC’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

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Nitrowolf23734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

um didn't they also have a demostartion on a TV station show? (idk with what station but they were all speaking english)

I think Move and Kinect have both had there share with the media. Sony been doing it all over the world in different country (japan, USA, and i think even EU not sure) , MS had mostly in the USA

WhittO3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

I have already seen about 5 adverts for the new 360 on TV today.

They are going to be spending like $100 million on Kinect's advertising.
(Hope people don't fall for it like the youtube ads that have actors playing something that is edited in later to get around the 2 second lag..)

Bigpappy3734d ago

It is the casual appeal and the fact that it is easier than the wii to get into. The Move is easier to sell to the core than Kinect, because it is a controller and is better for fully playing core games.

Kinect will not work well for most core game without the use of a controller. But for casuals there is nothing move appealing.

Those are the eggs. Serve them as you wish.

-Alpha3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

Also, I think MS is just marketing it differently, to the wider audience, as evident by the nature of Kinect.

MS knows how to present and advertise their product. But so far it's just media exposure I haven't seen any proper advertising yet. I can see why the general audiences are more excited for Kinect. They hype it as "the first of its kind" and the mass audience eats it up because they don't know any better.

davekaos3734d ago

I think the guy who wrote this must have forgot about the massive deal between sony and coca-cola

evilmonkey5013734d ago

I was just gonna write that. Talk about HUGE. Coca cola is just about everywhere you look.

Nitrowolf23734d ago

i could imagine them doing a MOVE/Coke commercial

blackbeld3734d ago


Coca-Cola and Sony team up is big! This is the winning concept!

sikbeta3734d ago

Coca-Cola Supporting Move equal to a Major Success, Coke is Everywhere, if you Follow the FIFA World-cup, you only see Coca-Cola and Sony make.believe in the fields... :P

Spenok3734d ago

And not only that, but Sony has been having public showings of this since GDC in Febuary.

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ThanatosDMC3734d ago

Kinect also keeps popping out on youtube.

MS spends their time marketing whatever it is they can market while Sony is spending on making more games.

skip2mylou3734d ago

firefox with ad block plus=no commercials :)

pippoppow3734d ago

Difference between MS and Sony

MS will advertise immensely their few exclusives and highly wanted shooters instead of investing in new studios and new IPs. Sadly it works but I'm glad Sony hasn't adopted a similar approach. Features, apps and timed exclusives are ok but to me it's kind of a diversionary tactic. It's kind of like going to a circus and the main attraction is a flea show but WOW the fireworks, cotton candy, jugglers and music were something else. The main focus should be about the main attraction the games not the fluff.

Game13a13y3734d ago

that goes to show you that bots are usually consist of unintelligent/uninformed people....

LoydX-mas3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

What an ironic thing for you to say, given the level of writing skill you just used.

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AAACE53734d ago

MS has been marketing their ass off! I've seen so many commercials for the new 360 and ads for Kinect I am almost getting tired of seeing them! They even have one that pops up on here from time to time.

I haven't seen as much for the MOVE, but I suspect they will pick up the marketing when the release gets closer.

MorganX3734d ago

Will it be too late by then? A huge part of marketing is building demand. Not just announcing it's on the shelf now.

kingjoker343734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

I was flipping channels yesterday and i even saw xbox 360 s with kinect on QVC!

the people who were selling it were listing all the features of it like the turn on the console from the controller, and play dvds, and has the best graphics of its rivals. I had to turn it off at that point.

morganfell3734d ago

Sony can afford to wait until the month prior to Move because their product launches first.

However Microsoft, is launches later in the year (if this year at all) and has to push hard for months prior to the Move launch. MS is actually making a huge mistake by spending marketing dollars now. Even they do not have an unlimited advertising budget and come later this year the coffers will be low on funds when Sony is launching and pushing hard.

Wrathman3734d ago

id like to see your marketing masters degree.i also like to assume that MS knows what its doing.since according to you and your chums on here,MS has been selling mediocre to shitware for years.and guess still sells.

sony may launch MOVE sooner..but right now the general public has kinect bombardment.and i cant wait to see how sony market you think casual joe and his wife will be able to distinguish between it and the wii?i know i cant.its just glorified.

as soon as MOVE is released some of them 3rd party add-on companys is gonna release a move cover for the wii.a snap on glow ball for the wii remote.$ voila DIY move dong

avengers19783734d ago

MS traditionally spends alot on advertising.

Christopher3734d ago

Well... duh. Everyone is behind Microsoft when it comes to marketing. Everyone.

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Prcko3734d ago

i don't like this stories

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BakedGoods3734d ago

Microsoft is a marketing powerhouse, that's their biggest asset by far. Sony's gotten better over the years, but it seems like they're betting on word of mouth to carry Move.

Also keep in mind mainstream games will support Move, so eventually consumers will get used to seeing 'Playstation Move Support' on the game boxes and start asking questions. Meanwhile Microsoft needs to shove Kinect down people's throat since a majority of gamers won't even know that option exists since Kinect won't be supported in the more popular mainstream games--therefore less exposure.

deadreckoning6663734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

"Also keep in mind mainstream games will support Move, so eventually consumers will get used to seeing 'Playstation Move Support' on the game boxes and start asking questions. Meanwhile Microsoft needs to shove Kinect down people's throat since a majority of gamers won't even know that option exists since Kinect won't be supported in the more popular mainstream games--therefore less exposure."

LMAO, there are so many things wrong with what you just said.

Can you explain the logic behind ur belief that Kinect won't be supported in more popular mainstream games? Kinect, for now, is being geared towards CASUALS. The majority of gamers(mainstream)in this world are CASUAL GAMERS. You know, the people that keep this industry afloat :)Casual games(Wii Fit, Wii Sports, Resort, etc.) sell MORE than hardcore games in general.

If anything you have it backwards. By your logic, the Move will do WORSE than Natal because it caters more towards hardcore gamers(NOT mainstream)


"There's barely any news about Kinect being used for hardcore games."

From a marketing point of view, Kinect doesn't need any hardcore games at the moment. It took the Wii YEARS to cater to the hardcore in the way they did at E3. What makes you think Kinect NEEDS to support hardcore games to be successful? Have you seen what the Wii has been doing for the past 3 years?

davekaos3734d ago

Mve is geared towards all gamers in general, natal is geared towards blind kids, unfortunately their are lots of them.
Fortunate for microsoft

adamx3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )


ThanatosDMC3734d ago

Actually Move caters to both casual and hardcore. The glowy ball is like the right analogue stick.

Kinect on the other hand, as you say, "is being geared towards CASUALS". There's barely any news about Kinect being used for hardcore games.

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Tony-A3734d ago

I don't know about you, but I wouldn't dump some cash over the summertime (when TV is watched the least) to get some people to know about a product that won't come out for months. They could forget by then.

I would much rather dump all my marketing cash on the month that my product releases to get people talking on it's release.

Other than a couple of TV appearances, neither have really marketed using commercials. Why do these articles make it seem like this whole thing should be a race to see who can jump the gun first?

Calm down, people, sheesh!

radphil3734d ago

Dunno why you have 2 bubbles, but I'm helping you out from that comment.

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