PS3 Firmware Update 3.40 Detailed

Sony announced last week that PS3 system software 3.40 was on the horizon. However, only PlayStation Plus was one of the confirmed features. Sony has now confirmed a slew of other enhancements coming as part of firmware update 3.40.

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BakedGoods3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

So it'll be "available soon"? When's that?

Can't wait, PSN Plus: I'm game.

Kalowest3856d ago

Doesn't the Update come out to tomorrow.

I_find_it_funny3856d ago

not bad, not a bad update at all ;)

WhittO3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

Ye it is tomorrow, and if this is all it includes, it is mostly sh*t!

This is what I mean about them adding things people don't want or are not asking for, like a Video Editor? Really!? .. I'm going to go on that app for about 1 min then never use it again, just making the XMB even more cluttered with icons I never use! (like the ps store icon in the videos section & game section)

Instead of putting effort into a video editor, why can't they do a redesign of the gamer cards (even to make them basic colour scheme/style of the PS Store would be an improvement.

Or maybe a redesign of the in-game XMB, or make it easier to invite people/see who is inviting you without going through the slow menus of the gamer card to access game invites/join friends game (which BTW takes about 20 seconds from opening up the in-game XMB to the game options on the gamer card (invite to game, join game etc).

And each time you go back to a previous menu it just goes back to the friends list, so you have to go through them SLOW menus again, wasting even more time.

Although the Facebook stuff is good and is needed since xbox live has been doing it for a while now, it adds more interactivity between people and will help benefit the PSN community.

And yes, it is free so why complain, but if we didn't complain we wouldn't even have gotten an in-game XMB at all!!

-Alpha3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )


I see what you are saying. I want more features that are aimed at gamers too. These are social features for the most part that I don't care much for, but I'm not going to complain if it's coming. I will not touch the Facebook stuff, but I am hoping things like video editor opens up the possibility for video recording of gameplay. I remember the XBL update getting ripped on here. Remember people complaining about Facebook and Twitter being unimportant? And guess what? They are unimportant, but I see with this update people seem not to mind. I hate those double standards. I think it's nice to see these updates and stuff, it's better than nothing, but I'd definitely like to see the redesigns for the XMB and PSN.

I want the trophy redesign, and all of that stuff that can make the PSN more streamlined, but this is a good start. Sony is really slow with these features. Something like 5 star ratings should have been implemented a long time ago. But I am hoping that now that Sony is getting money for PSN that they will use the opportunity to start upgrading. It's fair to say that with PSN free you couldn't complain much, but now Sony has to step up their game in terms of polishing up their PSN services because customers are going to be paying for the services.

WhittO3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

That's exactly right...

Sony have all of the features and services right there, it just needs polishing and to be presented in the right way.
Where as now it feel dis-jointed and all over the place, not a unified network but a bunch of different things thrown together.

It's not just gaming features either though, like I want MKV support (which the PS3 should get since it is a DivX certified device?), and ALOT of people want this too..along with other multimedia features, but Sony seem to be wasting time/money on things the majority people don't want at all.

lol I know I'm going on but it's just frustrating, I had high hopes for this update is all.

It's just annoying when it seems they are totally not listening to us at all, they have an entire official blog dedicated to features PS3 users want, if you just look at the top 30, none of these features are there.

EDIT: Who knows though, sometimes they improve things and don't actually put it in the update (like tweaking the background of the PSN Store to be moving image instead of a static picture), and we haven't even got the detail from the blog yet..

-Alpha3856d ago


I agree it is frustrating. I see so much potential, people have been begging for so long, and there are just simple things that Sony either misses or doesn't have and it's definitely annoying that they don't seem to understand.

PS Blog Share seems to be working, and I do hope they can implement more features that are being asked of. I will continue to wait patiently and I will let it slide because PSN has been free. But Sony now has paying customers coming and I don't want to see the excuse that "it's free, stop complaining" anymore.

I'll still wait patiently. It's not so much that features are lacking as there is such so much room for improvement that would make things so much better. I want Sony to do well and it's upsetting seeing them not be able to put in simple things like pressing the PS button to read a message, or removing unwanted stuff from the in-game XMB to speed things up. They sound like simple things but Sony hasn't done it yet. I can understand your frustration.

WhittO3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

ye it's more frustration than anything, especially when it's the small things they could change.

Like how long did it take them to fix the clock overlap haha.

Really, even if free, PSN is a couple of years old now and has expanded alot, but there is still a long way to go in terms of features/tweaks people want.

Off-topic: I only just realised how many bubbles you have!! haha :O

Have some more, since you seem to understand where I am coming from and that I'm not just bashing for no reason haha :)

AntBoogy903856d ago

You can press Triangle on a persons name . . without going to their gamercard, you twit.

Biggest3855d ago

No shit. Nice conversation you think you're having there. But most of it is misinformation. Most of the things you want to be streamlined are streamlined. It is a mystery to me why you don't know it. It's cool that you want all of the things you want. I'm sure somewhere someone wants what they're giving. I don't care either way since it's free for me to use as I see fit. Complaining gets you nothing. Sony isn't your mother. You won't annoy Sony into giving you ice cream. You can, however, visit their forum made specifically for suggestions and requests and make your voice heard. Alpha-Male22 seems to think you're paying for something here and now Sony needs to do more. Please understand that PS+ is spelled out in plain <language of choice> and in no way changes what you get for free. You pay if you feel like you want what costs money. Otherwise, continue your free service.

Hideo_Kojima3855d ago (Edited 3855d ago )

@whitto For me that is a super update because I love video editing but my PCs can not really keep up with HD content.

I want MKV playback too but MKV2VOB is a really fast converting process
(HD episodes convert in 2-3 minutes)

Also the XMB does need to unified and polished.

But with such updates sony are just trying to spread out to everyone which isn't bad.

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Rich16313856d ago

Tomorrow, it was confirmed at E3.

Christopher3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

Finally, they're allowing us to rate the PSN content. Very glad to see that.

The Picasa Web functionality isn't bad either since that's what I use for my personal photos. Doubt I'll be using it much from my PS3 if at all, though. I wonder if this is a sign of integrating more of their tools with Google products?

Edit: Gotta love people complaining about lack of x-game chat. "Okay, all the things you're adding are also items people wanted improved/added to the system, but where's this one item we're going to continue to bitch about until it's implemented? Oh, and don't worry, once it's implemented we'll find something else to bitch about!"

TotalPS3Fanboy3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

I hope for the Chrome browser. Google knows that it wants to get the Chrome browser to as many platfoms as possible. And PS3 is a great way to add 30 millions users instantly to the Chrome userbase.

Five Star Rating Support.

Sony was quick to implement this feature. I saw tons of request for this feature at Playstation.Blog Share.

Sev3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

Wait until you see what else Sony is working with Google on...

nickjkl3856d ago

i wonder what the hidden features are sony always has hidden features that dont make it into the blog

Deputydon3856d ago

Am I the only person finding it incredibly ironic that the Playstation blog is promoting a feature that uses Picasa Web Album via pictures uploaded to Flickr...

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-Alpha3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

Sounds like a pretty good update. See, little things like rating PSN games out of 5 stars is what will help PSN feel more central and community-focused.

Damn, I like the video editor feature, the pictures on PSBlog look really nice. This is the aesthetic stuff I want to see applied to the whole PlayStation software end.

I hope they allow us to take video game footage for more games. If we can save replays and stuff that would be so cool.

Edit: Finally, Sony is streamlining features like Facebook. The fact that they integrated the way you can comment shows that they are on the right track to streamlining PSN. I really do hope this is the turn PSN needs in terms of simplicity, ease of use, and aesthetics. I love how this looks.

Hellas133856d ago

Also another little thing on a profile picture from the friendlist it shows your trophy level

-Alpha3856d ago

Hellas, how do u know?? That sounds awesome, but I need proof, I dont see that anywhere.

MexicanAppleThief3856d ago

Video editor sounds incredible. Can't wait for this.

xino3856d ago

the only editing things you may do would be cutting out scenes from video, giving it title or maybe adding music.

I wouldn't get my hopes up with this feature. But adding them to Youtube is nice.
Too bad I lost interest in Youtube ages ago. Since too many people just upload crap and shadows your own hard working videos.

MexicanAppleThief3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

Well, I have PlayTV, so this video editor is going to be incredible for me. I can cut out commercials and crap stuff in anything I watch on TV.

I'm guessing they are adding this specific feature because I seem to remember that GT5 is going to support HD replays video output, and I;m sure alot of GT'ers would like to mess around with their footage.

Blackmoses3855d ago

why make us download the FW, only to turn around and make you download additional files to try out the FW features...(video editing feature) why not include everything in the original FW?

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Crazyglues3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

Thanks for the link..


house3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

for the link. wow this is a pretty sweet update i get psn+ and a video editor win for me any day
us a cell phone with a bluetooth same crap i really dont need cross game chat to be honest even if we get it i will us it very rarely i font play game to have a conversation to my friends about my day even if i did it would be with the same game!!!

OC_MurphysLaw3856d ago

please wake me when they update something interesting and wanted... like umm I don't know... cross game chat maybe?

Anon19743856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

I was just going to post "How long till somebody starts complaining about cross game chat?" but this guy already beat me to it.

Useless feature. I never used it on XBL, I'll never use it on PSN. Ever talk to someone on the phone when they're playing a game or watching a movie? It's got to be one the rudest things ever. If you want to chat, have some respect and turn off your game before you chat with me. If anyone tried to chat with me while playing some other game I'd flat out tell them "Hey. What's that? You missed what I just said because you're trying to play a game while talking to me? How about you call me when you're not busy so I don't want to open hand slap you across the ear."

There's no reason for cross game chat to even exist. There's already chat for gamers playing the same game, there's chat outside the games. This is not needed.

Theonik3856d ago

Mind if i quote your post in the future when the question of XGC arises again? Sick of hearing this complaint and i couldn't have said it better.

OC_MurphysLaw3856d ago

Spare me your "I'll never use it on PSN" comments. If you have more than 2 friends on PSN you would use this feature all the time. You may have a full on conversation while you play, but you would use it for quick communication to set up games with friends.

This feature has been asked for over and over. Regardless of the few here who say otherwise. It is LONG overdue. I don't understand why Sony hasn't / can't deliver this feature but its getting to the point of stupidity. For a machine that "Does everything" how is it it can't implement cross game chat after 3yrs?

Dragun6193856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

Isn't the reason Cross game chat is difficult for Sony to implement because they don’t host all the game servers like Microsoft does?

It would make sense, since that whole debacle on a rumor that EA is holding back XGC.

colonel1793856d ago

I don't care about Cross Game Chat, but come on! they made a website so fans tell Sony what we WANT, and they have not done anything about it. Why the hell have us telling them, if they are going to ignore it!

They keep adding features that even though they are nice and welcome, they are anywhere near what fans have been asked for! Maybe haven´t even asked for at all!

The whole playstation network team needs to be fired and be put together again, because Eric Lempel and Susan (forgot last name) are useless!

TotalPS3Fanboy3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

you can just go to sleep and stop complaining for a month.

We promised you, we'll wake you up when Cross Game chat is implemented. Hehehe. For real, we'll wake you up. I am not lying at all, man.

P.S. Looks like they're starting to implement features that were requested on Playstation.Blog Share. The first one being the 5 Stars Rating System for PSN. And obviously, more complicated feature will take longer to implement.

Rumor3856d ago

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Alex Kidd3856d ago

How is cross game chat a useless feature?? I can't understand how people could think that unless they have no friends.

You must really enjoy typing messages out

Anon19743855d ago (Edited 3855d ago )

Cross game chat simply isn't necessary. If a friend wants me to join him, it takes 5 seconds to type "COD4?" and send it to me. If I'm in the middle of something I can look at it in a second, choose to respond, choose not to respond.

Now if a chat request comes in, I need to answer it to see what it's about. Then my buddy starts talking my ear off and I then politeness dictates that I pause my game so I can give him my attention, thus interrupting my game time whether I want to or not. Even if I say "Ok, great chatting but I want to get back to my game," I've now probably invested in the conversation and risk slighting my friend by giving him the brush off to play a game.

How is that better than texting "COD4?" to me?

Like I said, I never used this feature once when I had XBL, and when it comes to PSN they'd better have the option to turn it off. Better yet, just add cross game invites with the click of a button. That could be useful, but cross game chat is simply an annoyance in my opinion.

MRMagoo1233855d ago

there only disagreeing with you because they think all the ps3 owners want this useless feature because its all the 360 has left. I would not use cross game chat either, If i am playing a game the only ppl i want to talk to are the ppl in my team for strategy purposes i dont want to hear about some guys lunch and what hes doing later in the day while im shooting ppl in COD i have plenty of friends on my list but i dont ever want to talk to them all while they play seperate games its a stupid feature very overrated and i dont want it.

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Theodore873856d ago

I would take those facebook apps (on integrated into the Photo Gallery and one goes hand in hand with the actual Facebook)over the cross game chat any day. Don't forget that these updates are free to everyone (but PS+ of course) while the Facebook and Cross Game Chat functions are not elsewhere (Here's a hint: MS).

sikbeta3855d ago (Edited 3855d ago )


Oh Man, I Totally Hope Sony Charge for XGC, so you people STOP B!tching about the implementation of it and Start B!tching about XGC being a Paid feature


Video Editor is the Best Thing for Me...

GameScrub3855d ago

If you are playing a multiplayer game like MAG and you already know what you are doing. It's fun to talk to other people on your friends list and relax.

I can understand your single player theory as I had to do that the other day. I was playing transformers single player and some buds wanted to party chat on xbox. Not being able to play and listen, I switched to playing TrialsHD which is a game that doesn't distract me much and is really enjoyable on party chat.

In fact on games like TrialsHD where there is no multiplayer but you have to beat tracks it's awesome to share ideas with buddies on a live party to compete and get better times.

There are really good reasons for this feature and negative ones. But knocking at people that want it because YOU don't find value in it is pretty immature.

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LCS_Furious_Dre3856d ago ShowReplies(1)
Godmars2903856d ago

Been hoping to get one of those on the console for awhile.

Now I'm exited...