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Toys R Us also spills its beans ad shows Xbox $50 price drop

Well, CheapyD, who runs CheapAssGamer, is convinced about the $50 price drop coming to the Xbox 360 in August. Following yesterday's leaked "Wal-Mart" ad, today the crew at CAG dug up this Toys R Us ad for the week beginning Sunday, Aug. 12. The image taken by UgamerX is still really hard to make out and was probably taken on the sly, but the picture, in the largest size available, does seem to show toward the right side a "Valid Monday 8/13/07 ..."

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Bad Editing
The ORIGINAL title is: "Walmart & Toys R Us Ads Confirm $50 Xbox 360 Price Cut" -- I'm sure you have gone through the tutorial, which tells you that you should always stick to the original title of the article you link to.
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Wrong story type
Should be
This is still a rumor.
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✔ Fixed
Wrong story type
Should be
badly worded title, also remove PS3 channel. Nothing to do with it!
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Wrong story type
Should be
Remove PS3 channel.
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Caxtus7504813d ago (Edited 4813d ago )

$349 price drop??

LMAO at the wording :S

EDIT: The title has changed so my post looks dumb lol. anyways its about time MS did someting do get momentum going. No doubt H3 will get things going again too.

Mr_Kuwabara4813d ago

Considering that it's best killer app is on it's way.

the_round_peg4813d ago (Edited 4813d ago )

Although with all the leaks that are already out, it is almost as good as a confirmed price cut.

ElementX4813d ago

I would say this is news. Two sources have confirmed. Also, same thing happened with PS3 price reduction (I don't say cut cause it's going back up once stock runs out of 60GBs, for now anway).

lVlemphizStylez4813d ago

seems to be the cut is advertised for the Premium...and not across the board for Elite Core and dunno how much impact that will have...They should have cut the core with it...

G_CodeMonkey4813d ago

Once the Elite hits $399, premium $299 and core $199-239, it will mean increased pressure for Wii and the PS3. They need to throw in a game also. Look for these I predict by Black Friday. gCM