Xbox 360? PS3? These games look like they're five years old

These games came out on Next Gen Consoles but look as dated as five years old PS2-Games. Cynamite shows a Top 10 of the most antiquated graphics in next gen videogames.

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news0r4648d ago

omg some of these games look really crappy

Cevapi884648d ago

to be fair...a good amount were movie licensed games...and others were on a its understandable as to why the games underperformed...although Haze was overhyped and under delivered on its promises of being a next-gen shooter...Perfect Dark was launched along with the 360 in '05...devs were just figuring out the machine...and we have seen a steady increase in graphics on both the PS3 and 360

mikeslemonade4647d ago

Crackdown 2 looks like it is 7 years old. That's right it looks like a game that came out on the last year of the xbox 1.

Conloles4647d ago

Crackdown 2 has an art style which works for it, I think it looks good ?

gtamike4647d ago

Haze has better graphics than any Halo game on 360.

Shepherd 2144647d ago

No. I'll take Halo's lighting and art design over Haze's generic graphics any day.

PS3istheshit4647d ago

Might be off topic but Ridge Racer 7 looks very good for a 5 year old game

Ve3tro4647d ago

Haze didn't look like that, that screen is a bullshot.

StanLee4647d ago (Edited 4647d ago )

Funny how you have so many more agrees than disagrees for what is obviously one of the dumbest comments in this article. The PS3 fanboy population on is out of control.

olLANDSHARKlo4647d ago

Stan if I was a newcomer to N4G and was basing this website off my choice of consoles. I would definitely go with the 360, this website shows that Ps3 fanboys have no games to play and sit on N4G all day, and you can tell their insecure about there PS3 due to how they can't stand any anti-PS3 articles or pro-360 articles, they swarm to these articles, why are they not playing their PS3? I own all systems and enjoy them all, but based on this website and quite a few others, I think the PS3 may be the kids console, even over the wii,you dont see anyone from the wii fanbase on here, why? cause their playing the wii.

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Brawler4647d ago

Haze looked pretty good just that the game sucked and voice acting was terrible.

ThanatosDMC4647d ago

Also the textures. It's a fun co-op game and not a bad buy for $14 each at gamestop.

gtamike4647d ago

It's only good if you buy it cheap ;)

Amplitude4647d ago

Yeah i liked HAZE. Good plot, decent game, decent graphics, 7.1 PCM audio. It was okay. I actually just beat it for the first time last week - did it all in split screen co-op too. A bit glitchy (At one point every time we died we had to restart the system cause the ground would fail to load) but still good...

sid4gamerfreak4647d ago

true most ps3 and xbox games look 5 years old

ShadowJetX4644d ago

How he/who really cares who submitted FPS games and some other ones. I think games like Disgaea and Cross Edge, Last Rebellion look from mid PS2 era. Those games didn't even harness a tiny percentage of the cell processor. But that didn't mean they weren't fun.

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DelbertGrady4648d ago

Funny they listed Perfect Dark Zero, considering it actually IS 5 years old.

morventhus4648d ago

lol is it that old..... man i feel old

commodore644648d ago

anyone who played Elite on the c64 is old.

Montrealien4648d ago

pffft, commodore64,

anyone who played Adventureland of the Vic 20 is old.

UltraNova4648d ago (Edited 4648d ago )

Anyone who played ping pong on Atari 2600 is old!


Luzce4648d ago

I played ping pong on Atari 2600. :'(

UltraNova4647d ago (Edited 4647d ago )

I m 24 years old and I can say I owned a lot of systems. Atari 2600, Nintendo Nes, Super Nes, Sega genesis, N64, PC gaming, PS1, PS2, Xbox360 and PS3...

Red-Dead-Roar4647d ago

meh. in my days we played with rocks and buttons.

ginganinja4647d ago

tch, anyone who played... WITH A STICK !..

gamesmaster4647d ago

i used to play with wooly mammoths... thats old

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WhatARump4648d ago

Haze did not look like a PS2 game.

I didn't buy Haze myself, but it looked FAR from a ps2 game.

The idiots making these claims need to GO BACK AND ACTUALLY PLAY A PS2 GAME on an HD tv and they will see the difference. I did, and upscaled ps2 games look horrible!

Gameplay wise they're still awesome though :)

Luzce4648d ago


The game didn't look good, but it's cause we've gotten used to this gen's standards. Pop in a PS2 game one of these days and take a look at what we used to consider "awesome graphics"!

CobraKai4647d ago

Ps2 games do look bad upscaled. So I still play on my PS2 on my SDTV where it's still gorgeous.

Kleptic4647d ago

yeah TV size has a TON to do with how a certain game will look...PS1 games are nearly unplayable on my 46" lcd...and its more just for nostalgia than anything else...but i'll put the PS3 up to a 13" sony crt I used to have in my bedroom as a kid...and its actually great...still pixelated, but all the graphical short comings are way less noticeable and annoying...

however i started playing a lot of twisted metal black recently, after the TM PS3 announcement...which is one of the best looking PS2 games released...and on a 36" Wega CRT it to this day still looks great...awesome particle effects, lots of environmental destruction and stuff...and great lighting for a ps2 game...

but that same game on the bigger 46" lcd makes a huge difference in visual quality...the blur associated with scaling an SD image to that size is ridiculous...

skip2mylou4647d ago

man its kills playing ps2 games and xbox games on a new HDTV you can see all these jaggies and stuff kills you

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bjornbear4648d ago

when the games came out, they looked 5 years old already.

Cueil4647d ago

every game on there would be impossible to even come close to being matched on the PS2 and pushing the Xbox on some of the really horrible ones... but Haze and PDZ are both examples of games that showed the potential of the systems in the beginning... neither game could have been done on the previous gen machines... not even close

gcolley4647d ago

both riddick and doom3 on xbox1 looked better than PD on 360

cool cole4647d ago (Edited 4647d ago )

I think it's a little bit older than that.

Edit: Wrong game lol.

Drac4647d ago

Anyone else remember playing space invaders in the arcade, and the screen itself was actually coloured to give the effect of more than light grey.

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diego7504648d ago

And one of the best looking previous generation games is Black!

bjornbear4648d ago

looks better than all those games in this list and thats a whole generation appart =P

PirosThe4th4647d ago

Man... I still waiting for Black 2!
Where is my Black 2!!!!??

Cueil4647d ago

they are working on some other shooter at least that's what I've heard

MysticStrummer4647d ago

No Black 2, but the same devs are making another shooter with a similar sounding experience... only more so. : )

waterboy4648d ago

nah, that game back in 2007 was compared with crysis very hard, but of course the pc brigade ruled crysis looked better, as they have against every other game after that

waterboy4648d ago (Edited 4648d ago )

maybe with mods, but the base game didnt and real talk the ps3 exclusives following haze were definately over crysis, its the pc community that keeps ruling that crysis is the best looking game

yes pc nerds come disagree with me

Pandamobile4648d ago

Okay Waterboy, I've got a small challenge for you.

Find me an ingame screenshot from any PS3 exclusive that looks better than the following and I'll let you troll all you want:

Luzce4648d ago

/drool @ Pandamobile's screens

Theonik4647d ago

@Pandamobile. You just made my day.
@waterboy, you should really get those eyes checked. Might be better if you removed those fanboy goggles too.

amogrr4647d ago


Look at the resolution. 5760x3240. Those are rendered on the PC. You fail.

Big Frank4647d ago


Nice try, but there's no way those GT5 screens are as good as crysis.

Why do PS3 fans always trump graphics on their machine as if they are the be all and end all of games?

If you want real graphics, buy a PC not a PS3.

Kleptic4647d ago (Edited 4647d ago )

i'll bite...

crysis always wins still comparisons...but since I don't pause a game every couple seconds to look at a screenshot...i care about what the actual game looks like in motion...

and few things have impressed me with lighting and animation in a video game than this...not saying its overall better than crysis...but crysis sure as hell doesn't pull of death animations like this...or have as complex of a lighting engine...

save the 'buht kz2 is a COReDOR SHOOTZer!!1'...crysis does some things second to none (screen shots)...but there are plenty of console titles that top it in other areas (lighting, animation, fun, etc.)...and that is fine...crysis is nearly 3 years old...crysis 2 will most likely top everything again (at least the PC version)...but its hardly unbeatable in every single aspect of rendering technology any more...

shoulder jam at 18 seconds? won't find better animation/enemy physics in a real time playable video game yet...thats just a iron bar gate in the environment, but is obviously rendered with true realistic geometry...where most games would have that simply surrounded with invisible barriers where an enemy would slide off of it unrealistically...

this is a post directed at developers...not how powerful certain gaming machines are...its the developers that come up with impressive stuff on any of the available hardware right doubt PC could do way more than any current console...just stating that they are least currently...

Theonik4647d ago (Edited 4647d ago )

For motion. As for the animations on KZ2 they have nothing to do with the hardware. And you are mentioning fun as a factor in a graphics comparison?
@Stoney: Thanks your link is better than mine.

STONEY44647d ago (Edited 4647d ago )

"maybe with mods, but the base game didnt and real talk the ps3 exclusives following haze were definately over crysis, its the pc community that keeps ruling that crysis is the best looking game"

"crysis always wins still comparisons...but since I don't pause a game every couple seconds to look at a screenshot...i care about what the actual game looks like in motion..."

That's vanilla Crysis, default config, and it looks amazing in motion, better than screenshots.

fishd4647d ago

Well,this is the best PS3 has to offer for now,not to shabby for a 4 year old Console :P

PirosThe4th4647d ago

Those are in game...
The game allows to take pictures of the scene at that resolution and save them.

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FragMnTagM4648d ago

I rented Haze and it is nowhere near my unmodded Crysis running on my PC. Not even close. You need to see an eye doctor pronto.

Kleptic4647d ago (Edited 4647d ago )

oops...wrong reply

@above anyway...

the fun comment was simply a the AI in Crysis always annoyed me, and after the eye candy wore off initially I didn't enjoy it as much as other shooters thats all...

Im also not saying Crysis doesn't look great in motion...I'm saying that when you see different titles in motion the notion of crysis 'blowing everything away' becomes much less apparent...

and I did state that my post was not related to hardware...i, as well any body should, agree that PC is by FAR the most powerful asset for gaming...just that developers have not pushed the thing in years...thats all...

MNicholas4647d ago (Edited 4647d ago )

Crysis is an old PC game built with older APIs in mind with outdated graphics technology.

PC GPUs are designed around the requirements of the APIs while the architecture of the Cell processor's SPEs (Synergistic Processing Elements) are completely open ended and have no such restrictions.

Hence, PS3 games that utilize the Cell processor are able to have effects that are simply not available on any PC game.

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