Import Tuner Challenge: Multiple Video's!

Ubisoft announced a few minutes ago that they would release Import Tuner Challenge exclusively on Xbox 360 this Autumn. This game is in fact the US/PAL version of Genki's Tokyo Racer X. Check out the first images and videos.

JPomper6415d ago

this game looks like sh!t. I know this is early video and screens, but as it stands now it's a pile of poop. It doesn't look like they're trying anything new.

TheMART6414d ago

Well I must say I would prefer PGR3 or NFS over it at this point in time, but well sh*t is something else. I guess you should go and look at Tekken 6 other PS64 games then


Import Tuner Challenge Launch Trailer in HD

Developed by Genki, Import Tuner Challenge is the most authentic customizable street-racing video game on Xbox 360. The game immerses players in the exciting street-racing culture with over 5 million customizations for the interior, exterior and engine of the latest import sports cars.

Import Tuner Challenge allows players to customize and race the hottest licensed import sports cars from Mazda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Subaru and Toyota. Using real tuner parts and tuning techniques, racers will be challenged to create the ultimate vehicle with the perfect blend of speed and style to take on the fastest street-racing teams. Import Tuner Challenge is rated "E" for Everyone and has a MSRP of $59.99.

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TR0N6351d ago

if you can get past the slow beginning of this game it will grow on you- this is according to some reviews. There is some fun to be had here, remember this is like the 4th or 5th iteration of this game and also now ubisoft is backing it.

Reaper6351d ago

I wish this game ended up being 29.99 like it was advertised everywhere until like a week before it was released. I cant see myself spending 60 bucks on it


Five New Import Tuner Challenge Screens

Ubisoft today released five new screenshots of it's upcoming street racer, Import Tuner Challenge.

The shots show you the high polygon car models that will be on show in the game, as well as dropping a few hints about the customisation system.

Click the link to see the screens.

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OC_MurphysLaw6357d ago

This game just does not impress me. Unless they can drastically improve it visually or show me compellig game play...I will pass.

Chewy 1016357d ago

It came out today, so its not improving.

Chewy 1016357d ago

And here's a gameplay vid, nevermind the vid quality though:

TR0N6357d ago

i loved tokyo extreme2 on dreamcast but when the series went to playstation2 the graphics turned me off, but now that its on the 360 i will pick it up

Chronical6357d ago

I have that game too for dreamcast. i might get this game. id like to try it first.

Madmax12819806357d ago

This Game Dont Look That Bad Ive Seen Worse And Obviously Better But Its Another Game For The 360.

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Import Tuner Challenge Achievements

The Import Tuner Challenge achievement list has been revealed. The game has 27 achievements with the usual 1000 gamerpoints. Read more to view the full list

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Jakens6369d ago

To be buying this game. The graphics are poor, and I barely care to custumise a car to death, ect. but, oh well. The $60 loss hurts me more because I just bought and love Test Drive Unlimited (for $40). You might want to tell me not to buy the game. But I'll own it anyways.

Jakens6369d ago

To finish a race in 3 mins flat.

Optimus Prime6368d ago

there are alot of games coming out for the 360 right now. it is awsome.

Chewy 1016368d ago

Best buy is selling this game for 30 bucks.

jib6368d ago

i thought this game didnt come out yet? but anyways, ive always been a big fan of tokyo xtreme. def picking this up if it sells for less than 60

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