IGN Reviews Mario Strikers Charged

IGN have reviewed one of the most highly anticipated Wii game Mario Strikers Charged. Click the link to view the Review:


*Sorry for the bad english guys, I was in a hurry. Please stop reporting. I have already got about 7 reports!

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GoLeafsGo5008d ago

It might be cool if Nintendo could add in some Balance Board functionality for THIS game. Headbutting in an actual soccer game with Mario characters would actually work out well, much more so than those "Miis" -_-'

And I didn't know this had ONLINE!
That's awesome!
I thought Reggie said MarioKart would be the first online game =|!

ChickeyCantor5008d ago (Edited 5008d ago )

Pokemon was the first to be in japan strikers the first in EU.
Its the first mariokart on a console to go online.

Omegasyde5008d ago

Perhaps they should release their own football(pigskin) game as well.

That would be awesome, and if they let other characters come into the universe would taste even better (Solid Snake, Sonic, Riggar)

Bowser would make an awesome offensive tackle and sonic would be an awesome running back. Yoshi, would make a awesome punt returner.

ChickeyCantor5008d ago

if its super mario then there is no space for other characters, if its Super bros then it would be more logical to put snake in their.

ITR5008d ago

I want this game for it's online play!
The online play looks smooth and lag free.

Ashira5008d ago

Once again, Nintendo shows that they truly suck at doing online play with those stupid friend codes and all -_-

unsunghero285008d ago

I think you need to judge their online by more than just that. I agree, friend codes are very counter intuitive for an otherwise easy-to-use system, but IGN seemed to think that Nintendo Wi-Fi as a whole is very promising.

San anto5008d ago

na the online has flaws like how u can turn the wii console off to avoid impacting ur stats, also it is not lag free.

BrotherNick5007d ago

If you read it, it says that it negatively impacts stats more than losing, and that the lag is not bad at all.

Lumbo5008d ago

Didn't like the game that much anyways, its a massive tackle fest, you are constantly tackling, no good passgame possible, and the more strange arenas are more a bother then a bonus, as random stuff keeps kicking the cpu players on your side from the playfield. Just to much random stuff in there to hook me to it. And the online friends code stuff is a PAIN, but typically Nintendo ....

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