Big Rooster veteran devs talk about multiplat games, PS3's potential

GameDaily BIZ caught up with former Human Head CEO Timothy Gerritsen and the rest of his team at the newly formed developer Big Rooster to discuss the company's plans, the state of independent development, the effect of digital distribution and more.

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bluebrad19745664d ago (Edited 5664d ago )

All that I saw was that they expect the 360 to dethrone the PS.

"With every generational shift, who's on top has changed. Atari gave way to Nintendo. Nintendo gave way to Sega. Sega gave way to Sony. That trend is already continuing as Sony shows uncertainty in the face of Microsoft..."

WilliamRLBaker5664d ago

yep nothing... but certainly about 360...

Raptors5664d ago

My eyes must be lying to me. Where did it say anything about PS3's potential??

gunnerforlife5664d ago (Edited 5664d ago )

the heading mentions ps3 potential titles r usually misleading like that one for example.