Dead Rising 2 Delayed

HellDescent writes: "Capcom has just sent word that Dead Rising 2 has been delayed till September 28th in North America and October 1st in Europe. The game was slated to release a month earlier and we can only expect the game to be better because of the delay. The zombie massacre will have to wait."

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Arsenic134230d ago

Shame, but delays make games better in quality.

DJexs4230d ago (Edited 4230d ago )

this brings a tear to my eye.

osamaq4230d ago

the zombies looks weak and stupid in the game and not that aggressive, it should be very very aggressive to have fun killing them .

SOAD4230d ago

Maybe they were playing it on easy mode or something.

Lionsguard4230d ago

I agree, I'm really lookin forward to this game but I was kind of disappointed with how dumb the zombies were but then again they are mindless zombies and it's their strength in numbers that makes them formidable. I just wish they had included some smarter zombie breeds this time around.

The Dark Knight4230d ago

lmao..dont mean to be a smart ass, but look at too-human

Millionaire4230d ago

Are you fucking kidding me? This is one of my most anticipated game this year...This ruined my whole fricking week...

Arsenic134230d ago

Sucks, but it makes the final product better.

hardcorez4230d ago

Here's hoping it helps whatever they delayed it for

Arsenic134230d ago

Didnt the extra day get added to the first game because of the delay? Or that unlimited mode.

TheColbertinator4230d ago

Dead Rising is severely overrated

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The story is too old to be commented.