Dead Rising demo 'soon'

Capcom has excited gamers at the prospect of a Dead Rising demo, 'coming soon' to the Marketplace.

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Arsenic135400d ago

wtf i wrote this yesterday and urs is published ! wow! thats BS

Arsenic135400d ago

Plus i wrote this way before any site knew!

TheMART5400d ago

But still it is nice if it would be there next week. I will get this game for sure, slashing some good old zombie's is nice.

Think of it, all those Zombie's are fans waiting and waiting for the PSZero


PS360PCROCKS5400d ago

lol yea another demo this week, this would be sick, I'm buying this game anyways

RealDoubleJ5400d ago

I'm currently with my 360 at a home with a stable net connection, by the way the saints row demo is smokin', but on saturday i've got to go back home to a house with no broadband! I can just get by without xbox live (let's me have a social life) but my heart yearns for new demos & arcade games to whack on the ole hard drive & show off to friends & company :) So to the great gods of Xbox Testing, PLEASE! Get this out by friday so I have some undead carnage to keep me going till September!! (Bloody european dates)

no_more_heroes5400d ago

The game will hit stores August 8th

RealDoubleJ5400d ago

we Blighters have to wait until September to get our zombie action on. I could import it but it usually means an extra £10-20 on the retail price & that puts a lot of pressure on the gameplay to live up to £60-70.