Mafia II - Gameplay Footage

Enkeixpress writes: "Mafia II has alot of features that many gamers have never been seen before in any open world game to date.. Some of which can be seen in this gameplay video I’ve come across:


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Prcko4718d ago

so much games ffs,what to play i even didn't finished gta episodes :((

Traveler4718d ago

Wow, that is an amazing amount of detail. It looks very promising.

pimpmaster4718d ago

man, i honestly dont even care about this game, yea ill get it on day 1 when it releases, but its been delayed so many times im already expecting this to be duke nukem, i remember this was suppost to release in 08! itll be delayed again i bet.

King Hippo4718d ago

But I will play this one. Even this looks better than GTA4.

4718d ago
bjornbear4718d ago

even though it didn't age well graphically, the story is probably one of the best ever (better than any GTA story structurally anyway) and its very fun!

if you enjoy good stories and open world missions, get this!

King_many_layers4718d ago

that's a bit of a silly comment to make. No game ages well with Graphics, But boy do I remember when I first played it, my Jaw was on the floor.

anyway, This game still plays quite well and the story is still engrosing, I'd say definitely pick it up, considering how cheap you'll be able to find it.

ThatCanadianGuy4718d ago

Day one.

Looking forward to the exclusive PS3 content too.

GeoramA4718d ago

There's extra missions in the PS3 version, right?

Already getting the amazon pre-order bonus as well.

Can't wait for this!

TheXgamerLive4717d ago

two extra missions are coming free to any and all platforms w/a pre order. not just ps3 but Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

don't be a wannabe fanboy, just enjoy the game no matter what platform your on.

ThatCanadianGuy4717d ago

Why do you sound so bitter? :(

Perhaps you have trouble understanding basic english or, you just don't have decent reading comprehension skills.

PS3 version will have FREE EXCLUSIVE DAY ONE content whether you pre-order or not.


Derekvinyard134718d ago

about time we see some new gameplay. IMO the graphics and animations look a little bit like the godfather 2 BUT i know this will be better then that, even tho i liked that game.

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