Left 4 Dead 2 “4″ Only $10!

Mucu from writes, "So, by now you know that Steam is having its big Summer Sale, right? No!? Then you have been missing out, my friend. Check out today’s deals, which includes Left 4 Dead 2 for a little over 10 bucks!!!"

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playstation_clan4600d ago

til it hits ps3 and yes it will

FantasyStar4600d ago

Man, I paid about $26 for L4D2. I guess it "pays" to wait. LOL! I still enjoy L4D2 immensely so hopefully it gets more players in.

omni_atlas4600d ago

I bought a 'localized' cd version from another country not knowing it was region locked. I can't even play it now, and now you're trying to tempt with a cheaper version?

No. Not going to fall for it. L4D2 was rushed. Valve, you killed the L4D1 community, you sold out. And to this day, I still feel L4D is the better version.

Mucudadada4600d ago

I just bought it for myself! The 4 pack is 30 bucks!!!