Uncharted 2 Multiplayer level cap increase live

Along with launching “The Lab” for the weekend this morning, many of you noticed that the level cap has been increased beyond 60 (X). This now makes the maximum level attainable currently in UNCHARTED 2 is now 80 and is designed by an in-game badge which uses the roman numerals XXX. You can check out the full set of level badges on the Naughty Dog Flickr photostream.

Each level beyond 60 requires accumulating $15,000,000 in cash to level up and that stays consistent throughout 61 to 80. That means you will need to accumulate a total of $362,965,500 to hit level 80.

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oliverasadi4138d ago

lol to hell with that. It took me ages to get to 58 :/

BakedGoods4138d ago

It's great Naugthy Dog is still supporting this game. Usually unheard up for such a single-player focused game.

-Alpha4138d ago (Edited 4138d ago )

Well, Single Player games tend to focus on Single Player content over multiplayer.

With UC2 they were done with the Single Player (contracts expired so they can't create Single Player DLC unfortunately), so it's all about the multiplayer.

The game is real fun and I love the Lab idea. They are trying to get people playing their game more. Double XP is the most popular way most multiplayer games use that tactic, but raising level cap and having new playlists is fun too (like Halo does).

I am excited because this week is Sniper's only Elimination. I'll be splitting my time between UC2 and MAG's double XP weekend.

OneSneakyMofo4138d ago

You know what's ridiculous? By the time you hit 57, you are only halfway to reaching level 60.

spunnups4138d ago

^^ ru seriuos? i will never make it

SOAD4138d ago

You mean in terms of the amount of cash you have to get? That does sound pretty hard, but those who get to level 60 will have earned it.

I wonder if you can boost in UC2 multiplayer. I haven't played it in months so I don't know, but in Halo 3 MP you can boost your way into becoming a general if you create a new account and lose several games on purpose initially so you can earn higher XP later on.

Redempteur4138d ago

something similar exist in white knight guild level system ..
But then this isreward are only for die hard fans ..
at least they upped the match rewards up to 75,000

RyuDrinksTheDew4138d ago

i dont think ill EVER reach 80. i love the multiplayer and all, but damn.

emil14138d ago

i have 92-93 million so i'm on 62 lvl

nikkisixx24138d ago

:( my online is dead because i havent bought any dlc.

Lilbambit4138d ago

...but do many people actually play this online still? is there a large community?

BiggCMan4138d ago

yea definitely. around 50k people daily which is great.

-Alpha4138d ago (Edited 4138d ago )

It used to give Players Online, which averaged around 8000 Players at a given time.

I also don't know if the # of players is region-locked or if it's worldwidee

I'm disappointed the multiplayer isn't more popular, it's really fun. I usually don't have trouble finding games, but sometimes I get into games where the server doesn't find 10 players. It takes a little long to find games and sometimes the server will find you players only to drop them all out and restart a search, which gets annoying. They need to remove redundant playlists and tighten them up a little more.

I got the DLC's and they are both fun. It's a really overlooked Multiplayer game IMO.

So to answer lilbambit's question-- it's not the most popular multiplayer game (it was advertised for single player only, which I find unfortunate because the Multiplayer is solid), but you shouldn't have any trouble finding a game still. Hell, hit me up, I still play it alongside MAG and MW2. I'd love to have more friends to play MAG and UC2.

Redempteur4138d ago

The number is not total players .. it's actually less than that.
For what i was able to guess it's probably the number of people who might be able to connect with given your location

T9X694138d ago (Edited 4138d ago )

Depends what you consider large. Back when I had the game before I sold it there was roughly 20,000 users or so online, but that was like 4 or 5 months ago. I wouldn't really consider it "large", as SOCOM Confrontation has around 10,000 and that game just blew monkey nuts.

OneSneakyMofo4138d ago

It gets as high as 70,000 some days. It's a good multiplayer game that I'll go back to once I finish my backlog.

Myst4138d ago (Edited 4138d ago )

Yeah I just bought the Siege DLC and the bundle for Eye of Indra [for the skins mainly, but will look into it over the weekend]. It's a pretty fun multiplayer, stopped playing for what 4-5 months and I fell back in love with it again.

Snoogins4138d ago

My experiences, it takes me forever to find people to play with, usually doing DLC Plunder or All Competitive Modes. I'm willing to guess there are maybe 4-5,000 people online at a time, with between 50-70k overall daily.

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