Iron Man 2 Review (DualShockers) (Xbox 360)

DualShockers writes, "Iron Man 2 was a blockbuster film but will the game be the same? Well first off let me tell you that the game actually isn’t a bad rehash of the film this time instead stands alone. Surprising huh? Does this mean it will sit in a league with Batman Arkham Asylum or will it go sit next to its older brother Iron Man 1 and wonder where it all went wrong?..."

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NYC_Gamer3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

sega could waste money on this trash but wont bring us Shenmue3

taz80803037d ago

Very true. Although their new title Vanquish looks great! Too bad iron man was sub par.

SilverSlug3037d ago

Budgets are totally different. I can't believe you are even comparing them.

Hitman07693037d ago

This told me all I need to know. Even though I may not want to play this game I can see how even a review that tells you a game's faults can still be informative for those who would like to purchase said game and still got the jist of the game and learned of some features they might not have known about before hand.

Ninferno3037d ago

i totally expected that score.

mikepmcc3037d ago

They said they would fix it from the first game, they said they knew it sucked...THEY LIED!

Hitman07693037d ago

Well they tried to improve it and apparently from what I gather the missiles are better and that's about it.

Maybe Iron Man is just too good to be true as a video game concept and will never be good?

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