Thank Goodness For Used Video Games

To hear some publishers tell it, used game sales are the devil's work, and we--meaning us consumers--the devil's henchmen.

We're buying too many used games, you see, and in our patient thrift, we're destroying the very thing we're supposed to love.

dangert124843d ago

well the goodness won't less for ever and i can see for ever its just over the horizon =/

PoSTedUP4842d ago

im guilty of buying used games, hell, i cant support every developer, id like to but you have to be really wealthy to buy every new game that comes out @ 60 bucks. i just bought Tomb Raider underworld for $8, now that is the best 8 dollar game i have ever bought.

i think the other problem is that the new-game prices dont come down fast enough for the better games, i understand why, because they are in more demand, but then expect people to buy it used.

games like uncharted and granturismo i am more then happy to pay $60 for. games like lost planet2 i am not interested in so expect me to buy it when the price is right because i herd it was awesome.

Christopher4842d ago (Edited 4842d ago )

He paints too one-sided of a picture. Specifically making it look like it's the Call of Duty or Red Dead Redemption game companies that are crying foul.

Used game sales help those games that are critical acclaims, but never get the sales they deserve since they're not the usual AAA titles that people buy into. It especially hurts almost any game that is a single player game. And then people question why everyone is moving towards multiplayer games... it's because it increases sales as people hold onto them longer which leads others to buying new rather than used.

Also, full digital distribution won't be here for at least a decade, if not three, for HD console games. So, expect companies to find more ways to entice/force people into buying it new.

GameOn4843d ago

Well I feel that if people cant sell their old games they are less likely to buy as many new games. I think more emphasis should be placed on giving good incentives to buy games new like download codes and that sort of thing. They need to make it desireable to buy the games new but for the less well-off people there needs to be the second-hand option just to keep them in gaming.

Most important thing to do is prevent piracy though.

dizzleK4843d ago (Edited 4843d ago )

i've worked at gamestop, the people who buy used games still support the industry. i'd often sell a used game along with an xbl card, new controller or whatnot. i've bought many used titles that i've ended up buying dlc for, that supports the industry.

game publishers need to pull their head out of their ass and realize that it's the $60 price tag that is killing game sales. i'm not rich, $60 is not an "impulse purchase" for me, $30-$40 is. the fact is that most games simply aren't worth the $60.

if publishers want to increase new sales they should bear the burden. demoes for all titles before release, full demoes, not just 2 minutes of the best part. give me the entire first level.

no "exclusive" demo or beta garbage, a recent example would be transformers. thanks for screwing ps3 owners out of a demo, as a result it resides on my gamefly queue instead of in my possession.

take a good long look at your game and ask yourselves if it's really worth a $60 msrp. i snapped up 3D dot game heroes because it was only $40. i'll probably grab sniper ghost warrior because it's only $40. if they were full price i'd skip these games.

i don't want free dlc or anything, i'd rather you just lowered your prices that $10 or $15. if you want to maintain your current pricing expect me to keep buying used games. and for the love of god stop whining, i don't see book publishers crying because amazon sells used books.

Software_Lover4842d ago (Edited 4842d ago )

And this is just me, but I think 30-35 would be a great sweet spot. Hell I buy most of my pc games when they are 19.99. The game of the year editions of course. But yeah these 60.00+ price tags are getting ridiculous.

I know the dev budgets are out of the roof. And if that is there main gripe. Then I say let the 360/ps3 generation go on for as long as possible. Let these devs get their costs down. Stop trying to do too much and just make fun games again.

(Transformers war for cybertron, Just cause, Just cause 2, Crackdown, World of Goo, Castle Crashers, Geometry Wars, Super Stardust HD) Those games listed were just examples of great fun games that you never hear people talking about dev costs and engines, yada yada yada. They just made the games and made them fun.

Software_Lover4842d ago

Rather that be on Ebay or Gamestop, then my collection of ps2/xbox games would not continue to grow.

Yes I do own a ps3 and xbox 360, but I still like to go back to old games that I missed.