Girlfriend Deletes WoW Level 80 Characters

Tired of being ignored, this girl deletes her boyfriend's World of Warcraft characters and records his reaction.

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BubbleSystemSuck4601d ago

Thats why WoW players dont have girlfriends

thereapersson4601d ago

I don't play WoW, but knowing the people that play this game religiously, the guy that has these characters will probably have another couple level 80 characters in no time flat. My friend has 2 or 3 level 80 chars., if not more; he sits and plays WoW all damn day. That's literally all he does. He has a 360, but he never plays it because WoW takes up all his time.

Fucking ridiculous...

ChronoJoe4601d ago

It's more about his gear than the level of his characters.

I_find_it_funny4601d ago (Edited 4601d ago )

I have never played WoW :)

LoVeRSaMa4601d ago

I don't play WoW, never will but I do know that if this happens, they can get there characters back at a snap of there fingers after they speak to blizzard customer support.

Prototype4601d ago

Good thing I never dated, that kind of behavior would put me in berserk mode

karl4601d ago

to get all his gear back.. u have no idea...

jajaj...i used to play this when i was like 15 .. now im 22 its been years now but really... i can feel his pain

karl4601d ago

i just finish the video...
hes a sick bastard... she just saved his life..

now the only question is.. who is gonna save hers when he finds out!

Conloles4601d ago

If I was that chick I'd run for my life.

Dac2u4601d ago (Edited 4601d ago )

LoVeRSaMa: If by a snap of the fingers, you mean 90+ days, then yes, he can get it all back. Seriously, when I was playing a couple months back, a couple people in my guild had their accounts hacked, a couple weeks apart. The GM's offer you a restore package that restores your character and they give you some gold and a couple freebies, but it doesn't come even remotely close to repaying what was lost, especially for an established character. The other option, which is what the other guildie chose, is to let the GM's replace everything, but that ends up taking 90+ days to remedy. Even still, the first option takes two to three weeks to get restored.

nveenio4601d ago

While I may not agree with his decision to like games more than sex (which, you must admit, MUST be the case), I do feel bad for the guy. He didn't just spend a lot of time playing WOW, he spent a lot of $$$ playing WOW.

At the same time, I feel bad for the girl. She actually thought that he would choose her over his WOW characters.

I wonder if he hit her as hard as he hit that monitor?

Seferoth754601d ago

My account got hacked probably 3 months ago. I had everything back in 2 weeks. 90 days my a$$

Montrealien4601d ago

If she didnt like what he liked, she should of just left him. What she did was retarded and lacks complete respect for the man she claims she loves.

I am happily married, and I play wow among other video games. My wife used to play, but she does not anymore, however she played through college and university, passing and graduating, while playing this game.

Dac2u4601d ago

Seferoth75 so you had all of your gear and gold restored? Did they stop doing the emblem package then? It used to be, you can choose to get a set amount of gold and a bunch of Frost and Triumph emblems, or what my guild mate said she would do, which was wait 90 days for the characters to be returned with restored gear. I don't know, maybe they've improved things since I played.

Montrealien4601d ago


the emblem and gold package is an option, you can take it, or you can wait. I have hear people wait from 1 week to 2-3 months max to get everything restored, it depends on how complicated the hackers paper trail is I presume.

Legosz4601d ago

Ouch that sucks. Sure level 80 ain't hard to get to, and it's fun, but the worst part is that he has to spend weeks and weeks just to get his gear back if he did lots of 25man raids. I feel for him.

Moragami4601d ago

Stupid little girl.
If she didnt like what he liked, she should of just left him. What she did was retarded and lacks complete respect for the man she claims she loves.

Or if he was more interested in video games than his girlfriend, he could have been a man and left her. We can't pretend to know anything about these too, but obviously this dude plays too much WoW. I am a married gamer with a kid, and I get maybe 8 hours of week of actual gaming time if I'm lucky, but I know that spending time with the people you love is essential if you want the relationship to continue to grow. By the way this guy punched his monitor, he obviously has a lot of growing up to do. "Oh noes my video game characters is gone, I should break my monitor so I can waste more money." If she's a stupid little girl, he's an even stupider little boy.

Diamondwolf4601d ago (Edited 4601d ago )

"Or if he was more interested in video games than his girlfriend, he could have been a man and left her. We can't pretend to know anything about these too, but obviously this dude plays too much WoW"

That statement is very contradicting. I mostly agree with Montre, but I agree with you a little bit too. It was highly immature for him to punch his monitor, but in the heat of the moment apparently all rationality left his head and it was an emotional reaction, as to what happens to the majority of humans when emotion kicks in. Some people just have the ability to control theirs better than others.

Now, on to the part I disagree with you on. This is 80% her fault (not the relationship, but this reaction) because that was overboard. I tend to believe that relationships ONLY work if people are content with WHO their significant other is and not who they want them to be. If she was unhappy with the person that she was with, she should leave plain and simple.

It's his life and if he chooses to live his life playing the game while having a girlfriend and it works for him, then power to him and same for her. As long as he was taking care of his responsibility then who are we to judge him based on his lifestyle. If people aren't hurting anyone and are happy then fuck the world and the judgmental people who bring it down.

This is the problem I have with the way mainstream society thinks. I'm sure there are people, hard working people who would act as if we were a bane on the world because we discuss and argue and troll about video games. Or would make fun of you for getting so into a game that you started swearing and throwing fits because you BARELY missed a jump on a platformer or getting your ass handed to you on an FPS.

Hideo_Kojima4601d ago

In Lineage 2 at the character selection screen when you delete a player he sits down and a counter starts for 7 days before the player is deleted.

That way no one can delete your character in one day just by logging in because you could stop it within 7 days.

morganfell4600d ago

She was unhappy - she was the only one with a reason to leave. He may be thickheaded but he was apparently happy with the relationship. Stating it is his job to leave...when he had no reason is unrealistic. She is the one that wanted change so it's her job to pack a bag and unass the AO.

Dee_914600d ago

that game must be like crack
i hope the dumb broad okay

HolyOrangeCows4600d ago

Why doesn't she just break up with him if he's spending too much time playing and not enough time with her?
He just smokes and plays WoW all day and she stays with him anyway?

ReservoirDog3164600d ago

To all the people saying he can just contact someone to get his stuff back, he just broke his monitor.

Yeah, he can get another one but still, she still got him for something in the end right?

PoSTedUP4600d ago

yeah that was messed up, i completely understand his reaction, i only fear that he beat the hell out of his girl. im not saying i would do that same, but knowing how people are in the world, i wouldnt be surprised if he did. i wouldn't be surprised if he cried too.
also, that is something you do to your bf before you beak up with him. but she probably dosent think it is a big deal because its "just a game", well i have news for you sista...

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Pennywise4601d ago

Blizzard will restore it all if you contact them. Yes, she is a selfish ***** and he should probably reconsider who he is with... But I have seen WoW addiction first hand. I have been addicted... This was probably her last resort. Wow tends to make people not give a sh!t about anything but WoW.

pixelsword4601d ago (Edited 4601d ago )

addictions suck, and game and sex addictions are the worst because since everyone believes that you're "not hurting anyone" it will often go untreated.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO4601d ago (Edited 4601d ago )

She thinks if she delete the Characters, the guy will stop playing?

Please, I bet the Girlfriend enter to the room like this:

Hideo_Kojima4601d ago

If she started dating him when he was already playing WoW than she is a bitch.

But if they were dating and than after a while he started play WoW all the time she has the right to argue.

Basically she can't expect to change him but if he changes it would be fair to argue because that is not what you signed up for.

drewboy7044600d ago

I find it strange that she knows how to delete characters and do other stuff. She prob dates gamers just 2 break there stuff. Maybe she was the one in that video of a gf smashing a 360 a few months ago

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seinfan4601d ago

His reaction and apparent neglect for his chick speaks volumes of how much of a loser this guy is (and probably a majority of WoW players). That game is one of the most overrated pieces of shit. You'd have to be mentally ill to be addicted to this crap or any games in general.

Pink_Uni4601d ago

you obviously have no clue as to why people play rpgs or mmos.

you're building a charater, you're building a life in that world.

imagine working on something every single fucking day of your life and actually seeing it grow, and making friends in the process

and then imagine someone burning that all down because of their own selfish reasons.

you think that makes him a loser for being mad?

you are a sick person to think that a virtual world that someone has built with their own hands day after day is worthless just because you say so

why the fuck are you even on this site.

TheBlackSmoke4601d ago (Edited 4601d ago )

Well how about he focuses on building his real life, which actually is supposed to mean more than anything. I LOVE gaming so much but if it took away from the quality of my real life relationships i would never touch a video game again. Its not about how much effort he put in to WoW, it should never mean more than his girlfriend and if it does than he should be single.

Pink_Uni4601d ago

Well thats your choice isnt it?

because we have choices in life don't we?

it obviously wasn't taking away any quality in his relationship because he didn't really care, that was her problem, and she choose to destroy a huge part of his life, because she was a fucking brat.

thats what psychotic people do, they do anything to get people's attention

beardpapa4601d ago (Edited 4601d ago )

It's like custom building your own car for two years. You put all that sweat, time, and effort into crafting your baby. Then one day, your gf got tired of you ignoring her for a week, but you just got new suspensions you want to put on and you love your baby.

You turn off the lights and go out for some grub.

Meanwhile, she goes into your garage while you're away and completely goes emo in there.

you get the picture yet?

For some people, WoW is that thing. For others, fixing up an old chevy and turning it into a road monster is another.

TheBlackSmoke4601d ago (Edited 4601d ago )

So she's the selfish one because her boyfriend would rather spend his life pretending hes a night elf than make any time for her.

Of course everyone is different in life's choices but if you're gonna be a fucking loser and live in make believe land then you shouldn't be in a relationship period.

Obviously at one point their relationship was not like this and then because of HIS addiction, HIS neglect she did that to him. Just look at his reaction over a videogame and then tell me shes the one who's psycho.

@ bearderpa

The point is not how much love and time you put in to whatever hobby/thing, its how you prioritize that over more important stuff.

Now if their relationship was fine and she just thought she would delete it out of boredom, attention whoring or amusement then thats a different story and he shouldn't be with a spiteful person like that, but if its destroying thier relationship then she is fully justified in doing what she did. Are your obsessions with a hobby more important than your partners feelings ?

Pink_Uni4601d ago

You're calling him a fucking looser for living in a make believe land

what the fuck do u call acting?

what the fuck do you call writing?

all this hate for people who play videogames is from a bullshit jockey idea of hating nerds

you understand that there are married couples that both play video games right?

its HER problem if she doesn't like him playing games. Kobe is a basketball addict, but you don't see anyone saying that hes got a problem.

if a relationship isn't working that doesn't give you the right to destroy someones property and that's exactly what you're saying

seinfan4601d ago (Edited 4601d ago )

@Pink Uni
Funny how you defend his "toil". What does he get in return in real life? Absolutely nothing. Nobody is going to be grateful for the things he's done in a GAME. Really, if you feel like he's being a productive member in society, please find this guy and give him the best blow job of his life. It's apparent you think he deserves it.

@the car analogy
You shouldn't be obsessed with ANY material things. Serves anyone right to get their shit fucked up if they worship things that aren't going with them when they're dead.

JumpNPlayBon4601d ago (Edited 4601d ago )

@theblacksmoke and seinfan

you just don't get it. that's the gift of life, we make our own choice's.

who are you to say what's important and what SHOULD be important in HIS life? obviously his hobbie( and it doesn't matter what the hobbie is ) was more important to him than his relationship.

For all we know he was tired of her being around, I mean do YOU ignore people that are important to you? Of course not, which means she really didn't mean much to him.

Everyone has a hobbie, because his is PCing and not engines or some other glamorous hobbie he's a loser? I bet you're the real popular fellow.

She WAS selfish and simply wrong. ANY ADULT would have said they are unhappy, I want out of this relationship and walked away. SHE'S the loser bud.

What she did was the same thing as pouring sugar into his car tank because he valued something MORE THAN HER. If she was unhappy there were better ways to say it.

TheBlackSmoke4601d ago (Edited 4601d ago )

How is a warcraft addiction anything like watching a movie or reading a book?

A movie is a couple hours of your life, a warcraft addiciton is spending every minute of your spare time immersed in a game.

Yeah and kobe bryant is a professional basketball player... its his JOB, but im sure when he gets home hes not neglecting to have sex with his woman because he wants to bounce a ball around his mansion

When that property is the root of the relationship being fucked up then she has every right. Either he gets a grip and make it work with her or he leaves her. Saying its bad that she wrecks his game characters but its ok that he wrecks their relationship is ludicrous.

I told my girl straight up that im a gamer and she accepts it and even joins in, but that doesn't mean i will abuse that and just play videogames 24/7 because in the end she would leave me and i value her more than games. It is totally possible to have hobbies and make time for relationships too. If you can only do one or the other then you shouldn't let it get to the stage where they come in to conflict in the first place.

jadenkorri4601d ago (Edited 4601d ago )

yeah that would be my reaction..

your obviously not a gamer and have not played an MMO. SO why you here at Anyways, since you've never played an MMO, you can't comprehend how much work goes into a level 80 character, let alone multiple level 80's. Girls have always complained about guys upgrading their car and whatever else we do and not pay attention to them. How is this any different. Technically its cheaper if you look at it, I'd rather spend under $500 and play WOW, than spend $10,000 plus on car parts. That money would then be better suited to buying a home, paying for the wedding, future child, get away vacation, etc. Don't go judging someone's hobby and call them a loser when you don't understand their hobby. What that girl did, is destroyed his custom car, burned his comic book collection, essentially destroyed his hobby. What right does she have to do that. That aside were all assuming shes right and he plays non stop, for all we know he works, and only plays occasionally and spends most of his time with her and shes just over reacting to him playing instead of being with her.

Girls will always have one thing on top over anything we ever do, just say "Are we going to have sex or you just going to play games instead"... change last part accordingly to the situation/hobby. I guarantee they will get off, otherwise, then you may be in a wrong relationship.

evrfighter4601d ago (Edited 4601d ago )

If you put years into a basa$$ car at the end of the day when its all said and done. You got a bada$$ car.

If you put years into WoW. At the end of the day when its all said and done. You get nothing. Not even a sense of accomplishment. Speaking from personal experience. Not only from WoW but also FFXI (which I still play like once a month. It's very hard deactivating my account because of the time I put into it).

WoW players like this guy aren't gamers in any way, shape, or form. At least with a car you know where your goal is. When it's finally finished. Get your buddies together drink some beer and celebrate. In WoW you get your gear, grind to get your guild gear, buy a new expansion and start over.

This girl deserves a stand up round of applause twice over. Dude got owned hard. It was funny. I enjoyed it.

kunit22c4601d ago

(TheBlackSmoke) have made me realize how fucked up society is today, if you work out for days straight people will admire you for it easily, but if you play videogames for days straight people say you have no life.. it just doesn't make sense, and black smoke it really sounds like you don't belong on this site, although because I enjoy many things other than just gaming thats not all I do, but what if that is all I did? so i'm all of a sudden a loser? just because I decided to not do the other things? doesn't make any sense. Although I don't know what its like where you guys are from but gaming is kind of becoming more accepted here, i'm in track and about 80% of the track team plays videogames, and before "jocks" (I guess you could say) Didn't play videogames, so I guess you could say things are changing but it is still pretty BS
PS black smoke quit trying to tell people how to live their lives, because I'm pretty sure he was just doing what he WANTED to do.

Justin_bristoe4601d ago

are both some virgins that just wish they had a girl to delete their level 80 characters.regular men never so offensive over passionate gamers.and guys that get laid dont sit here and cry about how guys should be spending more time with their girlfriends lol.i play my games all day,if my girlfriend whoever she is at the moment doest like it..she can screw,if u have a gf of course u make time for her at some point

Montrealien4601d ago (Edited 4601d ago )

Thank you Pink_Uni and others who put seinfan and black smoke in their place. It's refreshing to know that there are normal people who have a mature take on things like this on this site. I live a heatlehy married life, I own a duplex in Montreal, I have a decent job that lets me fill my needs and a loving wife who is a nurse that played and graduated while playing MMOs, we enjoy playing games together.We look forward to having children once we come back from our year long trip to Europe, which I am bringing a laptop with me so I can play wow.

Addiction is a problem, and if you can;t handle it, toy need to step back, there are many people that are addicted to wow and set aside important things in life, however there are many more who lead healthy lives and still play wow, people need to understated this, clearly blacksmoke ans seinfan don't.


Sanzee4601d ago

CLEARLY YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO'S BEEN LAID HERE. God bless you, sir! You and your penis!

extermin8or4601d ago (Edited 4601d ago )

he deserves it, I can't stand MMO's in general I also hate people that get obsessed with playing them, by all means play video games as a hobby, play RPG's but don't get so obsessed you neglect your friends or family... thats just ridiculous I think he deserved what he got

magnifier4601d ago

@extermin8or you're an ass.

Skizelli4601d ago (Edited 4601d ago )

"what the fuck do u call acting?

what the fuck do you call writing?"

Creativity? A job?

"you understand that there are married couples that both play video games right?"

In the 5 years I played that horse shit of a game (yes, 5 years, so I think I have a right to my opinion), I've seen countless couples on there, and many of them were WoW addicts who neglected their kids in the background just so they could get their VIRTUAL items. I know how WoW addicts can be and it's not pretty.

While I think what she did went a little too far, she got her point across. Hopefully it opened his eyes. Everything should be taken into moderation.

edgeofblade4601d ago

Try telling a gamer that they don't get anything real out of playing a game...

Diamondwolf4601d ago

People will only listen to one side instead of investigating both.

Read above, now if he made a video showing how she nags him to death or he only plays about 2 hours a day, while spending the rest of his time working and paying bills and she doesn't have a job, how would you judgemental pricks feel then.

just sayin'

iPirates4601d ago

on her part.

@seinfan - his reaction was that he was PISSED OFF. And take your opinions about the game elsewhere, lots of people enjoy it.

The fact that this video is on the internet speaks volumes about her real intentions - an attention grab. Probably just a follow up to all the other woman smashing their bfs consoles. Hope he dumps her.

King_many_layers4601d ago

Wow,I really can't begin to imagine how some of you people view relationships in regards to these luxury's that we do in our spare time.

This subject is one that is almost completely pointless to argue. We can't speak for either side of the party as we don't know the full truth. There can be multiple reasons as to why this person has deleted their partners characters, some could be more reasonable than others.
I personally at the moment and seeing it from one particular perspective but I'm not going to let it cloud over my judgement entirely.

I'm imagining that when they first got together He was much more willing to spend time with his partner as is the case with most people in any relationship. The beginning of ~Relationships people are usually just getting to know one another and you want to spend that time doing so, whereas later on in the relationship people become more relaxed and more likely to show how they truly are.
I'm imagining that this was the case for this scenario. He was spending good amounts of time and showing interest towards her, but over time this changed as they both relaxed allowing him to go back to his (possible, I'm imagining so) addiction to WoW. This lead to frustration and desperation from the girl who merely wanted the relationship to go back to how it was back when they were discovering each other, Hence, deleted these characters.

ofcourse, this is all opinion based on one possible scenario.

KillerPwned4601d ago

Damn there is a lot of arguing going on lol.

Hideo_Kojima4600d ago (Edited 4600d ago )

As long as you are not forced into a situation this is what I think:

If you wake up after 7 hours of sleep and work 16 hours a day in an office...

Your a low life in my eyes.

If you wake up after 7 hours of sleep and spend 16 hours partying every day...

Your a low life in my eyes.

If you wake up after 7 hours of sleep and smoke weed for 18 hours...

Your a low life in my eyes.

If you wake up after 7 hours of sleep and skateboard for 18 hours...

Your a low life in my eyes.

If you wake up after 7 hours of sleep and you play World of Warcraft for 18 hours...

Your a low life in my eyes.

If you wake up after 7 hours of sleep and masterbate for 18 hours...

Your a low life in my eyes.

If you wake up after 7 hours of sleep and exercise for 18 hours...

Your a low life in my eyes.

I believe the majority of the world would agree with me but than again not everyone thinks the same but I have the right to think whatever I want about you.

You don't even know why his girlfriend did this so don't judge her. Who knows she may have been working to fund his addiction and he may have not even been thankful.

Don't be quick to jump out and say "I should do whatever the hell I like" because sometimes your actions do effect others especially the ones that are close to you like your family, sometimes your girlfriends or even your close friends.

N4Flamers4600d ago

I cant believe you people are arguing over this obviously fake video. This is how you can tell its a fake. The guy doesnt know his GF deleted his characters, so the first thing he does is punch a monitor? Any person that has a lvl 80 after returning from where ever he was to find his roster empty would call blizzard thinking it was a technical problem.

Why was his account left open for her to see? That part is never explained. How did she get his password? It's been pointed out plenty of times that he can easily get his characters back, even though you'd be pissed, the first thing you would want to do is get them back, any person with a lvl 80 would know enough, and do just that.

the last thing is, its his life and his property, thats like an angry ex burning your clothes or keying your car. It's not right, and its childish.

Skizelli4600d ago (Edited 4600d ago )

Actually, it's Blizzard's property:

"4. Ownership.
All rights and title in and to the Service (including without limitation any user accounts, titles, computer code, themes, objects, characters, character names, stories, dialogue, catch phrases, locations, concepts, artwork, animations, sounds, musical compositions, audio-visual effects, methods of operation, moral rights, any related documentation, "applets" incorporated into the Game Client, transcripts of the chat rooms, character profile information, recordings of games played using the Game Client, and the Game Client and server software) are owned by Blizzard or its licensors. The Game and the Service are protected by United States and international laws, and may contain certain licensed materials in which Blizzard's licensors may enforce their rights in the event of any violation of this Agreement."

"7. No Ownership Rights in Account.

I agree with everything else.

N4Flamers4600d ago

so its like her keying a car that you lease, sort of. God that would suck

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ABizzel14601d ago

A quote from Scream 1 is perfect for this situation.

"Bam B!tc# goes down."

Bereaver4601d ago

For all those commenting on his loser status, everyone has a different sense of what they like. Let's talk about that old mustang or camaro sitting in your garage for about 5 years. You work on it daily about 3 or 4 hours, maybe even a little bit more if you're religiously obsessed with it. Then your girlfriend, deciding that you aren't spending enough time with her, pulls your car out of the garage, parks it nicely out in the open, and shoots the gas tank from a nice range.

People have different feelings for different things. She's not in the right, and just because WoW don't have girlfriends, doesn't mean they should be tortured more by people like you.

Thank god, I myself feel similar to you all, but I would never comment directly at them with obscenity like you all simply because that's their choice.

mugoldeneagle034601d ago

I get why some people would defend this guy over the GF deleting his shit, but punching the monitor? Then kicking it? Hahaha. I wouldn't be surprised if he beat her afterwards.

Get. A. Life.

Seferoth754601d ago

Your life is so pathetic you spend it watching videos of people living their lives... Yet you tell people to get a life?

Ironic to say the least.

jlar4601d ago (Edited 4601d ago )

A Seferoth75.....nobody spends their lives watching other people, he could've just stumbled upon it like me. It's just for some kind of entertainment or curiosity, DUH. lol

-besides, who the hell has the right to get mad over something that isn't even real? Hell I rather have fun with my girlfriend than to have no girl and just play games. I WAS MAD WHEN MY GIRL TRADED IN MY 360 AND GAMES JUST CAUSE "I WAS PLAYING TO MUCH", AND THEN AND BOUGHT HER SOME SHOES AND MAKEUP. I just threw some of her shoes away too. lol I understand how he feels, but he needs to calm down.

He does need to get a life and no one should defend his stupid actions ;)