No Longer Torture to the Eyes, Saw II uses Unreal Engine 3

Why Saw II has a chance at success in terms of graphics and a chance of failure in terms of every thing else.

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King Hippo4175d ago

They're using the Unreal Engine so their graphics will still be garbage. Just shiny, rubbery garbage.

Roozium4175d ago

The UE3 can make really good looking games. Gears of War, Unreal Tournament 3 (2007), Singularity, Batman: AA and so on. Then there are games like Turok and Section 8 that looks like shit.

- Ghost of Sparta -4175d ago

Came here to say the same thing. Unreal Engine 3 games are still an eyesore for me.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr34175d ago

Thats because you're attracted to a lot of no-talent devs. I can go on and on about the beautiful games that use the engine, but Gears 3 says it all. If the game looks like garbage to you then blame the devs not the tech. Hopefully this won't have to be explained again, but I doubt it.


ts a great engine! Versatile to the point nothing out comes close. I'm sure the hater's favorite engine is a one trick pony. Hit disagree if you agree xD

BYE4175d ago (Edited 4175d ago )

@King Hippo

Batman: AA and Mass Effect 2 say hi...

PRHB HYBRiiD4175d ago

mass effect 2 uses unreal engine o.o i did not knew that thanx

HBK6194175d ago

To an extent I agree with the OP. But the Unreal 3 engine certainly helps a lot of devs cut down on using either a REALLY bad engine or pumping tons of money into their own and having it wasted on just their own game.

It's a staple engine that in the wrong hands has potential to look absolutely horrible (The Punisher PSN game, Sector 8, Saw 1 and I'm sure there's plenty of other examples here). In the right hands you get some great games that do look fairly good (Mirror's Edge, Bioshock, Batman: AA, Gears, Mass Effect, etc.).

It has a few regular things that personally I don't like. Clay/Waxy looking characters and environments, mostly chunky character designs, no real draw distance, poor loading/streaming of textures and that's even in the best looking titles. So in the hands of poor devs you can be hit with even worse things than that.

All that being said I was very surprised with the visual upgrade Saw 2 got, Saw wasn't good looking at all (the best thing was the water, in the game for all of about 1 minute), while it was technically ok it was one of the poorer looking games using UE3.

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rekof4175d ago (Edited 4175d ago )

No longer :))) hahaha,..

PS3owns360_4175d ago

I don't think the Unreal Engine 3 is really that great..

omi25p4175d ago

by that comment its obvious you havnt played gears of war 1 or 2 or seen gameplay or screens of gears of war 3

PS3owns360_4175d ago

Uh yes I have.. well I have played gears 2

PirateThom4175d ago (Edited 4175d ago )

I have, Gears 1 was impressive... back in 2006, it truly was "next gen". Gears 2 wasn't even top tier when it was released and barely an upgrade over the original,. Gears 3 looks to be more of the same but with less grey. Gears of War's non-impact graphically may be more to uninspired art style than engine capabilities though.

And, really, the only truly beautiful UE3 games are the Mass Effects and Arkham Asylum, with the rest ranging between "decent" and "ugly".

WrAiTh Sp3cTr34175d ago

Wasn't top tier? Pfft, you're silly...

DelbertGrady4175d ago

Bulletstorm is using Unreal Engine, and it looks pretty damn good imo.

Hacker4175d ago

Only ones who have a problem with Unreal Engine 3 are Sony Fan Boys Fact.

- Ghost of Sparta -4175d ago

Only ones who don't are low standard 360 fanboys, fact.

Roozium4175d ago

That's why PC boys like it to. Cause they got low standard...(sarkasm)

R2D24175d ago

Almost forgot about them.

NastyLeftHook4175d ago (Edited 4175d ago )

must have got the rrod, buyers remorse huh?

PS3owns360_4175d ago

Yes I admit I am a fanboy, but I don't lie out of my behind, I just don't think its all that great.. thats all

T9X694175d ago

The first saw game was pretty good, the only main problem with the game was the horrible combat and combat controls. If they improve on this and make a more wide variety of puzzles Saw 2 could turn out to be a pretty good game.

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