BioWare designer defends PC as their lead game platform

While BioWare may have made a number of console timed exclusive games in the last few years the developer has returned to making the PC the lead platform for their titles like Dragon Age Origins and of course the upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic. In a new chat with Computer and Video Games BioWare designer and writing director Daniel Erickson defends the PC platform as best for games.

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Cajun Chicken3740d ago

Is that why they didn't make the port of Mass Effect for PC?

2late3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

"When we're developing an RPG, it's a natural place to be"

I guess that explains it.

evrfighter3740d ago

On the pc. The sky's the limit.

Pandamobile3740d ago

Microsoft owned the rights to it until EA bought Bioware, so that's why EA ported it.

Mass Effect 2 was developed for PC by Bioware.

ProjectVulcan3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

Although late the original Mass effect Pc port turned out considerably superior to the 360 version with most of the bugs ironed out, the texture streaming/framerate/stutter problems eliminated and the HUD/weapon menu system much improved. Not to mention it included DLC for free 360 owners paid for.

Of course superior Pc hardware helped but it wasnt the whole advantage to buying it on PC. Demiurge did a good job.

ultramoot3740d ago

You're right. On PC, the limit is not the sky. It's much much more than that. Personally, I'd rather say it has 'absolutely no limits'. PC FTW.

ultramoot3740d ago

Sure, if trees we're flying among the stars above....actually, it's more like 'above the stars'. :P

Charmers3740d ago

If the PC's limits are just as high as "the trees" then the console limits are as high as a blade of grass that just got sliced by a lawn mower.

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Letros3740d ago

SW:TOR you're going to get lots of my KOTOR lovin' time, EA is lucky to have these guys.

dirthurts3740d ago

But I with they would have supported higher resolution textures and AA for the pc guys.
Mouse and keyboard worked very well in that game. Very very well.

Darkfocus3740d ago

there's no AA on any unreal engine games unfortunately. you can force it with riviatuner or a similar program though.

Madis0073740d ago

Valve - FPS games
BioWare - RPG games
Blizzard - RTS and Big MMO games

Those 3 are only deves who care about PC gaming

I also love Relic Entertainment and GSC Game World

Pumbli3740d ago

The Creative Assembly? id software? Fireaxis games?

evrfighter3740d ago

Id are you kidding? They were one of the first that blamed piracy rather than own up to their mediocre games.

CellularDivision3740d ago

The greatest devs this gen imo.

ultramoot3740d ago

Valve - FPS
Bioware - RPG
Blizzard - RTS/MMO
....and other devs like CD Projekt, GSC, etc.
They take care of all my gaming needs on PC.

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