Clive Barker's Jericho - Video Preview

Cliver Barker's gruesome trip through hell on Earth is almost here. Will you have what it takes to see Jericho squad through it alive?

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Antan5033d ago

Quite an early build, suprised Codies didn`t use a newer build to be honest.

MK_Red5033d ago

They called Clive Barker "The Doctor of Disgusting"! Is Jerchi really on par with his great Hellraiser!? Hope so & Cant wait.

Kleptic5033d ago

yeah his name alone would scare the hell out of me as a kid...even seeing the edited Hellraisers on regular cable back then would give me nightmares for weeks...except the Lord of Illusions...which never scared anyone really...and didn't make a lot of sense...

The art direction in the game and stuff looks great...I like the look of it...but holy crap the gameplay looked boring as hell, no pun intended...

if it is true that this was an early build thats cool I guess...the AI seemed non-existent...and it consisted of you shooting a lot of demon things that simply stood there...

I will rent this no matter what...but haven't seen anything so far that would convince me to own it...