Heavy Rain Dev Appears Committed To PS3

TVG: "Quantic Dream job ad suggests that the developer is sticking to Sony's PS3 for its next game..."

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Cloudberry4660d ago

They ought to finished the Playstation MOVE version of Heavy Rain + rumored of their next game "Horizon" also published by SONY.

I'm not surprised.

Jamegohanssj54660d ago

They are very smart for doing this.


Lionhead4660d ago

Hopefully Sony acquires them.

Sir_Falcon4660d ago

wtf does TGSI mean? Tokyo game show? Top gear show?

vasilisk4660d ago

TGSI = The Genius Said It

HopSkotch4660d ago

I like how everyone agreed with Sir_Falcon and he asked 3 different questions lol

sikbeta4660d ago (Edited 4660d ago )

They know PS3 Owners Will Support their Games like we did with HR...


That will be Awesome, QD not only make games, they are expert in Mocap, that's a great investment for Sony...

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raztad4660d ago (Edited 4660d ago )

"Heavy Rain Dev Appears Committed To PS3" may be true but I think it is more like:

"Sony is committed to fund QD games".

If HR was a mediocre game or a terrible flop, I dont think Sony would be trying again.

I'll buy HR as soon as PSMOVE is released. It looks like the right way to play the game.

Jamegohanssj54660d ago

Lol I loved that. Too bad they aren't sisters, but still bubbles.


darkside4660d ago

One can only hope Sony acquires them :)

tinybigman4660d ago

bring me your next masterpiece please.

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whydoyouask4660d ago

i think we can get over it...

4660d ago
djfullshred4660d ago

If you care enough to post that, something must be bugging you.

AK464660d ago

You give true Xboxers a bad name. A true xbox fan would've said nothing at all if they never had any good to say or why would a true xbox fan be reading an article about a Developer supporting a competing console.

redsquad4660d ago

What, you speak for ALL Xbox owners? How delightfully arrogant!

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MysticStrummer4660d ago (Edited 4660d ago )

Where else would they put their games? I guess a PC version would be viable but the 360 crowd would mostly ignore games like Heavy Rain in favor of generic shooters. EDIT - See whydoyouask's comment for proof of my statement.

gtsentry4660d ago

very true wat u sed,alan wake didnt see alot of sales on the xbox n look how well heavy rain did

zootang4660d ago

They did pretty well with Heavy Rain so good luck to them and i can't wait to play their next game.

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The story is too old to be commented.