Remedy Wants to Make an Alan Wake Sequel, Microsoft Undecided

Gamespy: Finland-based developer Remedy, creator of Alan Wake, has been talking about a sequel for the psychological thriller since the Xbox 360 exclusive launched in May. But publisher Microsoft, which holds an option on a sequel, is taking a wait-and-see approach.

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-Alpha4733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

Was it the sales? It was probably the sales. It wasn't that strong if I'm not mistaken. Hell, where were the advertisements?

MS needs a game like Alan Wake simply because it has some sort of variety in comparison to the stereotypical image of the 360 being a shooter console. It's a good way to promote "games for everyone".

And like any other game a sequel is a great way to grow even bigger and better. MS should give them the chance. I mean, without ICO we wouldn't have Shadow of the Colossus, so to speak. I hope MS wouldn't kill the game simply because it's not profiting as much as they wanted it to. I understand it's a business, but having more games doesn't hurt the image. In comparison Sony's ethic has been much more embracing from what I've heard (from guys like Insomniac and David Jaffe). MS really needs to do it for the good of the gamers but if the profits aren't there I won't be surprised if MS turns their backs. Is it possible for AW2 to come to PS3?

jaredhart4733d ago

Yeah, definitely.

Alan Wake's sales were a great dissapointment for Microsoft.

MitchGE4733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

Hopefully in the next year the sales will pick up. I would love to see an Alan Wake 2, so long as the story progression is natural and not forced.

Honestly, for a game that is truly 360 exclusive - not even on PC - disappointing sales is hard to believe, especially with how great it turned out to be and the 360's install base. I guess most 360 owners are teenagers looking to play overrated online games like MW2 and talk trash rather than play an engrossing and memorable game with rich storytelling and immersive atmosphere. Not to mention that impressive DLC is planned and the game promotes a second play by offering manuscript pages exclusively to the hardest difficulty, so it's definitely a buy, not a rent.

@ Alpha-Male22: I believe Microsoft owns the Alan Wake IP. Much like Ninja Theory and Heavenly Sword; it didn't sell that well on PS3, yet they can't bring the IP to 360 because Sony owns it. Remedy could certainly create a new IP multiplatform, again much like Ninja Theory and Enslaved.

PopEmUp4733d ago

if it not a shooter it won't sell :P

Arnon4733d ago

It really is a shame. Alan Wake is one of the best 360 titles out there. It's original, and it has a great story to it with intense gameplay. It would honestly be a complete letdown if Microsoft doesn't go through with an Alan Wake 2, because of their own faults.

captain-obvious4733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

it'll be really bad if MS didn't support this game
well Remedy you still can bring it to the PS3 and PC if you want to

why the hell did I get Disagrees ???
this game has been in the work for almost 6 years
do you PPL know how much dose that cost ???
here is a hint ..... A LOT
and I don't see why would Remedy stick to one platform and make a small amount of money and on top of that having NO support instead of making it multiplatform and make as much money as possible out of it

Iamback4733d ago

rememdy should come and work for Sony, at least they will get support.

secksi-killer4733d ago

they have the engine already done, so they can now concentrate more on the gameplay...this time they can perhaps make it open-world.

but, for me, alan wake did not live upto the expectations. i found it tedious, and i still havent finished it yet. and in all honesty, i dont know when i will!

shoddy4733d ago

Even an awsome game like ME2 doesn't sell to MS standard of the aaa title.

blue7xx74733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

Well maybe they should have advertised the game and it would have sold better. They hardly supported it as far as marketing goes. They made some youtube viral videos but that was pretty worthless.

Why don't they just go ahead and make it multiplatform if Microsoft doesn't care. Do they own the IP?? It's one of the best games I have played this gen and would love a sequel.

Almost 500,000 is not bad for a new IP for only a little over a month is not bad it should sell 1 million eventually. Xbox 360 owners really need to start trying out other genres besides FPS.

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chidori6664733d ago

yep... the sales is very poor for game of 4 years of production...

DatNJDom814733d ago

They had to go back and change the whole game for 360.

GWAVE4733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

Just add some colorful Kinect minigames and Microsoft will be all over it.

Here's the difference between Microsoft and Sony: Sony puts out a game because they want to impact the gaming industry. If it sells 500,000 (which is what Alan Wake has sold), that's great. Anything beyond that is gravy. On the other hand, Microsoft only wants 4+ million sellers or it's not worth it.

-Alpha4733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

I think I have to agree with you. It's all a business, but Sony seems much more tolerant and they seem to have a very good ethic when it comes to the industry that MS needs to adopt. I'm sad to hear MS would be so skeptical of AW2. To be fair I don't know for certain if it's because of the sales, but regardless Sony has always had a very good outlook when it comes to putting out games in the interest of gamers.

NecrumSlavery4733d ago

That's funny, but if Kinect was actually integrated in Core games I think sales would be better.

facelike4733d ago

I consider this more of a decision from Microsoft to support more Wii like games and casual players. If we continue to see only casual stuff from MIcrosoft, then that's a major sign they are giving up on core gamers. And the sales for it didn't help when it didn't push Gears/Halo numbers.

Gears, Halo and Fable are good franchises but they shouldn't run them into the ground by releasing another Halo every year. They shouldn't expect the hardcore to except it, unless they think we're stupid.

Spydiggity4733d ago

You shouldn't completely blame MS. and if you really want to say that MS only cares about sales, and you want a sequel, then buy the game. let MS know you want another one. Tell your friends about it.

I think MS knows alan wake is a good IP, and it was def their fault for allowing it to launch in the wake of RDR (no pun intended), i highly doubt they'll let it fade into obscurity.

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dangert124733d ago

2bh i never seen alan wake advertised anywhere ms could of done alot better

zireno4733d ago

Like alpha said, is it possible for alan wake or a game from that developer to come to ps3? I'm just curious

garos824733d ago

if im not mistaken remedy is not a first party studio so its very likely it could happen. not sure if the ip is owned by microsoft

Motion4733d ago

Yeah, but other than Halo and maybe a few others, what games do you really see advertised?

ProjectVulcan4733d ago

Should have kept the Pc version.....

cobraagent4733d ago

Look at the success of Little Big Planet and Heavy rain. Remedy will definetely bring AW2 to PS3 or at least to PC

nycredude4733d ago

Bring it to the PS3 if they want better sales. This type of game has a bigger Audience there.

TheTwelve4733d ago

Microsoft is never "undecided" about a game that sells well.


biggame9014733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

It seems likely that it was due to sales, as they haven't exactly been very strong. However, there was also virtually no advertsing or any push for the game by Microsoft, so they didn't appear to give a lot of support to the title.

But like alpha, I also think that Microsoft needs these type of games to end the stigmata that the 360 is a console only for shooters. It does appear Sony is more open towards games, otherwise Team ICO, who had very low sales for ICO, would not have existed after that.

As for Alan Wake 2 going to the PS3, that depends on if Microsoft owns the IP. If they don't, then it is something that Remedy will strongly consider.

Boody-Bandit4733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

That's a very valid point now that you mentioned it. I don't recall seeing one commercial for Alan Wake.

Al Bundy4733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

So did Heavy Rain but it still sold over 1 million quickly. Mass Effect 2 has yet to hit over 1 million on the Xbox without PC sales and it was heavily advertised. Face it, Xbox owners only buy shooters.

nycredude4733d ago

Is that true that MAss Effect 2 hasn't reached 1,000,000 sales on 360? That is lame man. One of the best games this year! I bought it on my 360 and then pc when Steam had a $23 sale. Great game.

Boody-Bandit4733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

wrong spot.
Still not use to this update at times.

emk20044733d ago

i think ms owns the ip so i would rule ps3 out but a pc port would do them good.

JumpNPlayBon4733d ago

Of course it was the sales or lack thereof. This is why MS has so many haters, because they don't care about what's good for gamers or what gamers want, it's ALL about sales with them.

Just because it's a business doesn't mean you can't give gamers what they want and still make a nice profit, but they don't see it that way.

A nice profit isn't good enough for MS, which is why they are seen as greedy bastards.

poopface14733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

Noone has seen the REAL SALES from north america AKA NPD YET. People are going of BS made up VG chartz numbers.

the may NPD has been delayed till early july, so we will see then.

I dont think the sales were amazing or anything, but I do think that it probably did better than VG charts said it did.

Either way I hope for AW 2 as I really liked AW.

tinybigman4733d ago

Microsoft show some damn balls for a change and greenlight a sequel for this game. if Sony can do a sequel to Ico which sold like 50k copies you can damn well ok a sequel to this game.

this is what pisses me off about M$.

otherZinc4732d ago

I cant wait for a sequel. The only game better this year is Mass Effect 2 to this point in my opinion.

I'll pre-order Alan Wake 2 as soon as it appears on GameStops sheet.

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chidori6664733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

i hope MS droped this game.

I just didn't like this game, honestly,this game is boring. this game could possibly be the most boring game i have ever played. the long walks through the forest and repetive enemy jumps out and kill. the gameplay was VERY boring..

Ps Alan wake is pretty much a total copy off the ORIGANL alone in the dark

saint_john_paul_ii4733d ago

thats what happens when you gimp it.

this game was suppose to be an open world thriller in the first place for both the 360 and the PC.

SupaGamer4733d ago

Alan Wake is a really good game. Sure it has flaws but the atmosphere and style was something to be experienced.

You can blame Microsoft for not advertizing but you also have to blame 360 owners for living up to their "FPS only" stereotype.

redDevil874733d ago

Still can't believe the lack of support MS gave this game. They should have spent more money promoting this game rather than MW2 IMO.

dredgewalker4733d ago

Cause MS knew MW2 would generate a lot of money, and they were right about that in a bad way.

mcgrawgamer4733d ago

I was very excited for Alan Wake but I'm holding out hope for a PC version even if it's *gulp* GFWL....

cobraagent4733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

after the success of Heavy Rain(it sold more than a million while Alan Wake is not even half way there) i suggest you to turn to Sony

hankmoody4733d ago

The fact that a "niche" title like Heavy Rain selling so well on the PS3 doesn't hint at anything in regards to the overall catalog of titles available on that system? It does to me.

PirateThom4733d ago

Yes, it does. On a console with Uncharted 2, God of War III and a load of other top tier titles, over a million people still went out and picked up a neich point and click-esque adventure game

It hints that PS3 owners are willing to buy games that may not be SHOOTAN SPACE MARINES and actually give different genres a chance.

emk20044733d ago

why people compare heavy rain and alan wake? the dont play anything alike or even close to story types. the only thing they have in common is that they both are single player games.