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Microsoft doesn’t want Halo Kinect

A Microsoft executive has claimed a Kinect version of Halo would defeat the point of the new Xbox device

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Community4910d ago
NecrumSlavery4909d ago (Edited 4909d ago )

Maybe using Kinect like the touchscreen is used for the DS. However, Microsoft never thought about the hardcore community, so this is pointless anyway. The only thing Kinect is here for is to get family on LIVE which is more money for MS in the end. No hardcore gamer with any sence will pay $150 for the games they showed at E3. I wouldn't pause Gears to tickle Skittles. Yeah I get MS wanting moms and grandpas in on the fun. I got it. Great. Where are the games for me? Why is Reach and Gears 3 not using it? Why did Peter Molyneux, the king of hype and #2 360 ass kisser behind that idiot who wears lady gaga glasses indoors, turn around and say Fable 3 won't be using this camera? I feel betrayed.

avengers19784909d ago

How could they use kinect with Halo:Reach.
Nothing they have shown with Kinect makes me think that they could support a game like Halo.
Warning to MS don't screw up your core games like Halo just to hype Kinect.

NecrumSlavery4909d ago

Open doors, push buttons, throw grenades, etc

SixZeroFour4909d ago

interesting...guess they do have sense in just mot trying to make halo into every genre available...also, glad to hear that they want to make a new fps game with natal and not try to implement natal controls in existing franchises, that means that they are most likely trying to create new "genres" with natal kinda like what alan wake and heavy rain did...that also means they are most likely gunna be making new ip's probably natal exclusive meaning completely controller less franchises

guess we will have to see, and it really is unfair to judge natal based on its launch titles...cause if we did that with the ps3, we wouldnt have seen the quality titles we are now seeing...i like to judge a console a couple years later and see what they are producing then

The Meerkat4910d ago

A can't imagine how it would work in game.

But imagine controlling the menus with your voice.
Instead of saying "xbox" you say "Cortana" then your command.

i.e. "Cortana, equip Recon helmet"
"Cortana, video replay of last mission"

It would be so cool.

HighTreason4910d ago

Yeah f*ck MILO, they should use that tech to power Cortana in the next Halo. That could be pretty sweet

...and hot :P

Games4M - Rob4910d ago (Edited 4910d ago )

But you could do that with any mic or headset, there is no need for it to be Kinect.

The Meerkat4910d ago

Yes, but can also fondle her boobs with Kinect

dredgewalker4909d ago

What's the use of fondling if you don't feel it?!?!

jerethdagryphon4909d ago

it sound cool but then you have to realisev that it would be a very limited set of commands same reason a rpg wouldnt work youd end up reading the dialog choice aloud

sure gernades sounds cool but while your arcing your arm someon shoots you.

HarryM4910d ago

Thank goodness. I knew they wouldn't anyway.

da305kratos4910d ago

a very smart move on Microsofts part...but in my opinion, it all depends on how well kinect does...If its a huge success, then it will only be a matter of time

cpuchess4910d ago

I don't want either one, Kinect or Halo

beans4910d ago (Edited 4910d ago )

Yeah kind of like I don't want Move, KZ, or Infamous.

cpuchess4909d ago (Edited 4909d ago )

My comment was not directed against the 360 since I have two of them. I am a professional couch potato so I am not interested in Kinect and I am sick and tired of Halo

beans4909d ago

Ok I see now no problem. But what about Virtual games. If and whenever they arise will you remain a couch gamer and jump into the action?