2 New Crysis Gameplay HD Videos

Here are two new gameplay HD clips from Crysis. Enjoy!

Jungle Gameplay HD

Explosive Gameplay HD

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Marriot VP5400d ago

well can't wait for this to be on the 360....

lol just kidding even though it's very possible. Unfortunately Crysis won't save PC gaming which is in serious trouble lately with people going the way of consoles. Do you blaim us, when you come out with dual and quad sli's and marginal video card upgrades every month. Not to mention the new dual CPU cores just to add to the high costs of upgrading.

PC gaming is dying

andy capps5399d ago

There is a good chance of this coming to Xbox 360 and PS3. At least PS3 according to this job listing on the Crytek website

This would be great if it were on PS3, or at least that the engine was usable on consoles as it looks spectacular.

clayton5399d ago

Only hardcore pc gaming is dying, more and more people everyday play casual pc games either store bought or online. Over 6,000,000 people play world of warcraft, long live pc gaming.

Cyclonus5399d ago

The graphics are of outstanding, of course. The actual gameplay, not so much.

I'm much more interested in the graphics/physics engines than in the game itself. Just imagine what kind of Predator game could be made from it...

highps35399d ago

Yea ok! Anyway this is by far still the best looking game for me, getting closer and closer to just saying screw consoles and updating my PC instead. 4 x 4 anyone?