Breast Physics: A Growing Social Problem?

Gaming Today looks at the topic of Breast Physics in video games and the possibility of it being a "growing social problem".

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MK_Red5074d ago (Edited 5074d ago )

Wow, this one's boobish with a really boobish pic. Nice find.

PS-Wii-605074d ago (Edited 5074d ago )

The bigger the better, that's what I say ;)

If I could choose my own death; I'd wanna suffocate between a big set of DD cups
and die with a smile on my face =)

power of Green 5074d ago

Breast are everywhere as games get more real boobs shouldn't? lol.

Bazoomba's have always been charished Hell people use to draw ladies with HUGE tits on WWII planes. BOOBS are all over the place yet they should be looked at as social problems?/ cover your eyes kids we're going to the super market.

astrobrights5074d ago

I have no problem looking at beautiful women in games, movies or whatever.... but I do think more realistic women in games could be a good thing.

astrobrights5074d ago

it's definitely an interesting topic

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The story is too old to be commented.