Xbox 360 Piracy Spreading Fast In China

As part of Gamasutra's visit to Shanghai for this week's ChinaJoy game exhibition, they've discovered that Xbox 360 game piracy appears to be spreading notably in the country, with at least one vendor offering Xbox 360 titles such as Hitman: Blood Money for around 30 Chinese yuan ($3.50).

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Zaskark55399d ago

I hope I can get a free copy of Over G Fighters!

Lucidmantra5398d ago

and you wonder why game prices are so high? Supporting the scene with dollars and not with pirated games is the best thing to get better games. You can get a free membership to Blockbuster and rent it for $9 for 5 days.

lilgringo5398d ago (Edited 5398d ago )

Or perhaps it's the other way around? The prices are so high that some people turns to piracy. For example here's the following prices in Sweden:
xbox360 Premium console: 515$
Condemned: 81$
Prey: 68$
Rockstar Table Tennis: 58$
The cheapest game i could find was FFXI 27$
And the most expensive Enchanted Arms, Oblivion CE, Saints Row 88$

So just because you have certain prices and options in USA doesn't mean that apply everywhere in the world. Because USA isn't the center of the world (oh no he didn't!?...), there, i've said it

Gh0stDrag0n5398d ago

WTF? Are you a retard? What does the USA being the center of the world have to do with people pirating software?

Lucidmantra5398d ago (Edited 5398d ago )

don't think i said anything about the US. I said rent the damn games instead of STEALING THEM! only a complete moron would see at as if we steal the games they will lower the prices. You must have been raised a commie liberal.

lilgringo5398d ago (Edited 5398d ago )

Well if we refuse to pay such an outrageous ammount of money for games, they have to lower the prices. They did the same with video tapes. And if we keep paying for the games they will only raise the prices even more. To Lucid360, you said, and i quote "You can get a free membership to Blockbuster and rent it for $9 for 5 days". Do you honestly think Blockbuster exists everywhere in the world? I don't know of that many places where I can rent games, and even then the prices are rather steep. Besides, i'm not stealing the games, i'm stealing the data. Doesn't cost the developer, publisher, retailer and whatnot anything, but they don't get any money either

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Gh0stDrag0n5398d ago

I think the Chinese government is behind all the piracy. They can steal foregn products and ideas and supply the citizens with the same things the free world has to keep them in line. They can also keep the wage low this way, if they can buy a pirated copy cheap than why revolt because of low wages. It will be the same with Wii and PS3

MySwordIsHeavenly5398d ago

Come on...China pirates everything. Let it go.


neeharb5398d ago

I think i am one of the few thousand in the Whole country to buy an Xbox 360!!! Its simple ...why people dont buy it...its too expensive for us... its been priced 20 thousand and 24 thousand !!!! thats around 430$ for the core and 515$ for the premium ...thats why we wont buy the ps3 it will be more than 750$.....So we wait for the games to get pirated!!!! all though i dont support piracy ....but why wouldnt i buy a game for 3$ ???

Gh0stDrag0n5398d ago

If you buy a pirated game, you support piracy.

sparco5398d ago

I dont support indians. But i dont go mouthin off to them bout being in the wrong country. If you dont support piracy, dont buy pirated games, NEEHARB.

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