Heavenly Sword - Release Date Confirmed

Heavenly Sword, this emotionally charged, stunningly beautiful hack and slash action-adventure game has received a final and confirmed release date. Heavenly Sword will be shipping to North America on September 4th. It will be shipping as well in Europe on September 14th and in Australia on September 20th. Japan's final release date for Heavenly Sword is still to be confirmed.

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aiphanes5172d ago

I can not wait! So we got lair on the 14 of august, and Warhawk on the 28th of August and Heavenly Sword on the 4th of september!!

Vojkan5172d ago

Wow, thati s really great for all PS3 owners. 3 great games in a month

the worst5172d ago (Edited 5172d ago )

WarHawk, one of the most anticipated title's for the PS3 has finally received a release date for later this summer. WarHawk is releasing to both the PSN store and shipping to retailer store shelves this August 22nd. The Blu-Ray version of the game will be priced at 59.99$ USD

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5172d ago

Everone who hyped this rediculous little kds hack an slash clone is going to be sooooooo disappointed. Just watch, I will be proven correct.

drtysouf215172d ago

Still waiting for you to post that address. I'm flattered you devote so much attetion to me. Keep proving me right!

Lifendz5172d ago

until I heard the latest 1up podcast where Shane raves about the game. So many games coming this year that I'm still on the fence about a purchase but it seems like a really good game.

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VirusE5172d ago

I hate to say it but that isn’t a good time to be released. Halo 3 is going to bulldoze all attention this game deserves. A new ip has business in the ring with a game that has 4 million in pre-orders. It looks like I have to take the game down in 4 days. There is just too much to play this q4.

WaggleLOL5172d ago

Halo 3???

You have to be joking...Halo 3 has been getting laughed at by gamers since the early crappy alpha shots right up to Bungie's Halo 3 flop at E3.

The 110 million PS2 owners who didn't give a damn about Halo last will go right on not giving a damn about Halo 3.

The 23 million GameCube owners who didn't give a damn about Halo last will go right on not giving a damn about Halo 3.

aaquib25172d ago

Halo 3 will get all the buzz from the journalists and game reviewers, but to the 125M PS2, and the 5M PS3 owners won't care cause they don't have experience with it. The 130M PS owners will probably be excited about Socom and Ratchet, not Halo, IMO. But dont forget, Microsoft's plan depends on them winning over the 125M PS2 owners.

Kleptic5172d ago

I don't know about how the media is going to behave this holiday season...Mainstream media is having a field day with the 360 warranty extension, as well as all the financial channels...

I have yet to see it recommended by any outside of the industry source since the announcement of the extension...

Halo 3 will sell great...but I don't think it is going to be "stealing" much of anything...People that are looking forward to Halo 3 pretty much already own a 360...and parents or anyone looking to get a 360 as a gift, and they themselves know little about consoles, are only hearing the bad news about the hardware...I don't think Halo 3 is going to sell as many consoles as Gears of War did...when a year ago, no one would ever have said that...

However MS is rumored ot possibly have the 65nm processors in production by then, which reduces heat, which may help stop this RROD stuff...but being that MS is so tight lipped about the actual problem, no one really knows what they need to do to fix it outside of MS...if they announced fully reliable hardware by September...then maybe it will be all positive buzz around MS the next couple of months...

Mario185172d ago

lmao, thats why whenever your in the forums people consider you new top hat...

boodybandit5172d ago (Edited 5172d ago )

Halo 3 has nothing to do with a PS3 title.

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Daz5172d ago

I be getting heavenly sword as well as halo 3 in september and maybe lair in augest hopfully they release a demo so i can try it first, happy gaming.

GamerMan5172d ago

Has a confirmed demo for download coming out. Whether it is before the release or not, I can't remember but they have confirmed a demo for Lair

VirusE5172d ago

You can't maybe get lair, you have to get it! the game looks sweet and the press has been very positive about it. Dont forget about bioshock in aug.

Daz5172d ago (Edited 5172d ago )

thx, hopefully before release. lair looks sweet but does it play good so i like it, thats why i like to try out in the demo first.
Bioshock also looks graet and thats another one i will be getting.

The best game releases in the fourth quater in years.

GamerMan5172d ago

"Indeed, you'll be able to check it out for yourself because our Sony rep was confident that a Lair demo would appear on the PlayStation Network, although they admitted it could well be post launch because Factor 5 is working flat out to get the actual game finished. If what we've seen lately is indicative of the final game, which we're pretty sure it will be, it's time well spent."

Personally I will get this game day 1 but I like games with dragons and i like their direction of how dragons react, but there will be a demo. :)

Daz5172d ago

thx, for the link hopefully i will like it so i can add to my mine 360, ps3 growing games colection lol

Funky Town_TX5172d ago

Consoles sold does not = owners. Get a grip guys.

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solideagle15172d ago

is this game has JUMP? and recently i have read the developer saying that in the demo u can button mash to win but later u will find ur bu*t in a plate lolz
now that what i wanted to hear and man i m really disapointed in 5/10 folklore rating that was mine top list game.

GamerMan5172d ago (Edited 5172d ago )

From the demo I played it does not have the jump but your fighting style will allow you to jump into the air using the correct combination. I thought it was too simple the first time i played it and I thought there wasn't blocks but if the storyline is solid and I get used to the new fighting style of how this game plays i think i will enjoy it but thats my opinion.. it does drive me a little bonkers with no jump but I can deal with it as long as the story driven and fighting stays fresh through the game.

Edit* I looked on NT forums and they have a HELL mode that will make button mashers very afraid :P

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