E3 impressions: TF2 is the anti-scam

You know this one multiplayer FPS? It sold millions of copies, got rave reviews in the media, and is a sequel. And it’s about to be ruined forever.

And not by the Engineer update, either.

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FantasyStar4017d ago

Article description is alittle misleading, but the whole article is music to me. TF2 is seriously what gaming's all about. Creativity, Innovation, Replayabililty, and just having a good time. And it's pretty cheap! I got in on the $5 deals and it's been fun ever since.

Substance1014017d ago

TF2 is by far the most fun FPS out there. Miles ahead of anything like MW2 or BC2.

Infact it gives user the control to do stuff Activision would charge a hell lot for.

I recently watched a modded TF2 game which was using L4d2 Map. As a zombie you could only melee while i saw engineers trying to hold and defend. It was really funny.

darkgunner4017d ago

Lol, misleading description but great article.

kesvalk4017d ago

yeah, even in brazil we support the game... and that mean a lot for a industry that suffers from heavy piracy here...

Chnswdchldrn4017d ago

for 10 dollars I got

a game whose community is one of the best for any videogame

constant support from the developers in the form of updates, new weapons, and new asthetics for your character

free maps included in such updates

an unlimited amount of user created skins, mods, and maps, possible due to the developers support for modding in the game

achievments and leaderboard

dedicated servers (although there exists modders and hackers and exploiters, the aforementioned developer updates usually do away with them, otherwise, a handy admin kicks or bans players from servers)

there is another game out there with no mod support, poor developer support, and a community of mainly foul-mouthed kids, constant glitches and exploits and hackers. if you want to purchase this game along with the new maps (which the only way to get is to purchase them from the developer) your lookin at droppin about 90 bucks. and eventually a subscription fee.


tf2 for 10$>>>>>>> ;>>>>mw2 for 90$+

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The story is too old to be commented.