The Best Graphics Cards at Every Price

Choosing a graphics cards is a confusing endeavor. So Tom's Hardware shared their buying results after testing pretty much every card on the planet. Whether you've got $50 to spend or $250 to spend, this list will come in handy:

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Snakefist304017d ago (Edited 4017d ago )

Best Graphics card price has to be Ati Raideon 5870.To me its the best 1 to get if u wanna play Crysis 2 at full setting and the rest DX11 games.

mittwaffen4017d ago

But it really doesnt make much sense to buy a card for a game your not really going to play much.

Like on a thread back, some guy got two (700+) 5890's to run MOH. Look how that turned out. It doesnt pay off since PC gamers get screwed on games that really push the tech.

Personally you'd be better off to buy a GTX 470/60 or 5850. I still dont find good games to bring my system down. Starcraft 2 any decent card can run it max; diablo 3, same deal.

Put the money into a 32" Monitor or a console you dont have!

Just my 10 cents.

Jamaicangmr4017d ago

Thats why am purchasing a GTX470 at the end of the month. It's a monster card and it can run anything out there at very high settings. Not only that but i wont have to think about upgrading for atleast 1.5 years.

Don't need a 5970 or GTX480 at this point in time.

pinkyxyz4017d ago

Have a monitor called my 32inch hdtv???

Legosz4017d ago

I am buying a 5770 radeon sapphire vapor-x soon. I already have a 42'' HD lcd. My 5770 should be able to play most games at max or high settings at 1080p

sid4gamerfreak4016d ago

have a 5870..still hasnt been tested

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ilikecookies4017d ago

Either way in 1.5 years nothing will come out that will push the 470/60 or 5850, we have these super advanced video cards and not much pushes them. You don't need much other than a 250/260 for another 2-3 years.

dirthurts4017d ago

Brought my 5850 to it's knees at full settings.
DX11 games take some ooomph.

WildArmed4017d ago

My last video card blew out, I'm thinking due to PSU unit not being good enough.

I'm thinking of getting a new one, but I dont wanna upgrade my PSU unit..
Bcoz if i upgrade my PSU, I won't be able to afford a gfx upgrade.

I wanna be able to run games like Mass Effect/Dragon age/ Splinter Cell at low settings atleast xD
Anyways, anyone got any suggestions for this PSU:
Max power: 300W Delta Electronics Inc. Model: DPS-300A B-24B Rev: 01
Output +12--18A
+3.3 V -- 17A
+5 Vaux --2A

+3.3 and +5V total power can't exceed 160W
Max output - 300 Watts

mittwaffen4017d ago

Tech is cheap these days, you have a pre-made system dont you?

Lesson- Always build yourself ;)!

Johnny_Cojones4017d ago (Edited 4017d ago )

HAHAH!!! 300 WATTS!!!!! My old off the shelf Vaio from Walmart had 450Watts almost 10 years ago. Man, I'm glad I started building my own rigs..... Maybe try an 8600GT? I got one for a little rig I built for my sister, & it runs games decently. I gotta hear the rest of the specs...

tdrules4017d ago


holy mother of god.

600 minimum COME ON!

FanboyPunisher4017d ago

What his system specs actually

crck4017d ago

You certainly don't need a 600w power supply as long as its a quality unit. Especially for the class of cards he's considering. You can run a quad core and a 4850 on a 400 watt Corsair. I currently run an overclocked i5 750, overvolted, overclocked 470 gtx, 3 hard drives, a blu-ray drive and 5 case fans off of a 550w Antec basiq.

tdrules4017d ago

my heart bleeds for the strain you're putting the PSU under.
your choice...

crck4017d ago

Well I'm sure my power supply appreciates your sympathy but it runs fine. And is on almost on 24/7.

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crck4017d ago

newegg often has decent 400 to 600 watt power supplies for $25 to $30 after rebate. Then just pick up a 4850 or a 250 gts. If you can't afford those then go 4830 or 240 gts. Total should be $100 to $120.

Newtype4017d ago

That's not a gaming rig, looks like something you got from guess you got a Celeron on it as the processor with an intel mobo?

WildArmed4017d ago

Actually a overclocked Intel Duo core 2 E7300..


It's just the video card I'm missing.
But I bet you feel real smart with ur celeron comment, go on ^^

dirthurts4017d ago

Is the most important part of your computer.
But a good Corsair. It will last you for years, and your computer as a whole will last longer, run cooler and be overall move stable.
Don't blow your money on a cheap psu. It could fry your whole rig.

WildArmed4017d ago

I guess I will be going for a higher PSU then >.<
Well thats a month's or two worth of waiting

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branchedout4017d ago

My Nvidia 9800GTX+ has treated me so amazing lately.

But.. I year for a ATI 5850... It'll keep me occupied for at least 10 years! Maybe.

Oh, the system builder's adddiction.

FanboyPunisher4017d ago

Money well spent.

I'm still unable to find a reason to upgrade from my GTX 280.

Theonetheonly4017d ago

cause it dosent have games with blu-ray?

ATI 5750 1gb GDDR5
phenom 2 550 BE unlocked to 4 cores. 3.7ghz
1 Terabyte HD
HDMI and 1066 ddr2

I have A blu ray drive and stuff. just no game on blu ray.

weird seems like everyone on this site is suggesting that if i dont store my game data on this particular media that my system sucks.

whaddya think?

Gran Touring4017d ago (Edited 4017d ago )

The only thing I can say about your setup is you may need better RAM; it seems like a bottleneck as your other parts are very good. But assuming your Mobo cannot support faster chips, I think you're okay. (4gb at least right?)

My setup:
GTX260 Core 216 SC Ed.
Q9550 @ 2.83 ghz
6gb 1333 DDR3 ram
HAF 932 Case

I'm personally Nvidia-only, not because ATI cards aren't good (they're actually better right now, IMO), but because EVGA's step-up program is clutch :D

dirthurts4017d ago

There is little to no difference in gaming. Look up the benchmarks. You may gain 1 or 2 fps (literally).
The money is better spent elsewhere.
Blu ray doesn't mean much for gaming. It doesn't make graphics better. That's silly. It just holds more game.

hoops4017d ago

Blu Ray is just a storage medium. Since all PC games are installed on the HDD anyways, this is not an issue at all for PC games. If the make a PC game 100gigs, you just install it.
Blu-Ray does not create better graphics

Theonetheonly4015d ago

I was just kiddin.

my comp is awesome IMO it runs everything 1080p MAX.

i was just trying to subvert the ps3 superiority complex involving blu-ray somehow making the 360 incapable of rendering better grapX i dont own either but i know the truth. :)

as i have said many time before blu ray is a storage media. not a Graphics card. funniest association ive ever seen just wanted to see what everyone answered.

Game on fellas !

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GEV1L4017d ago

My system is starting to show its age. While I want to upgrade to a phenom based system, I just put a 5770 in my computer to give a little more life and wow what a difference it makes. Having a non ancient graphics card(upgraded from a geforce 7950gt, was great for its time but is starting to show its age.) makes me remember why I love pc gaming. No point in stating my system specs as they are nothing impressive.

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