EA wants to stop 2K All-Pro Football franchise

CEO John Riccitiello stated during the same shareholder call where he said Godfather 2 was in production, that EA needs to make sure that 2K's All-Pro Football 2K8 is "not repeatable." Riccitiello specifically pointed out 2K Sports re-emerged football franchise which has been missing since EA purchased exclusive rights to the NFL and current players in 2005.

Riccitiello specifically says that Take-Two is a "competitor" and when they launch a football game "you want to make sure that [it] ends up being a blip and is not repeatable, because we like to defend our franchises aggressively." We're sure EA can dig deep into their coffers to stop 2K if they wanted to, especially considering they could afford to make Peter Moore the head of EA Sports. The only issue we have is: Wouldn't it be nice if EA actually focused on improving Madden and defeating 2K on the field of consumer satisfaction?

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Siesser4154d ago (Edited 4154d ago )

Defend it by making your game the better. Geesh.

sticky doja4154d ago

Make your game better than anything else and their will be no compitition.

titans99994154d ago

OK, EA, here it is...your name in news i know that they have said that they are actually listening to gamers for this years madden, (we will see what it is like when it comes out) but i still have to tell ya, ea made a dumb mistake buying the NFL license, great for business, sucks for us!

No refs, no madden commentary, no goal post nets, fans that move in unison <<<---spelling, no cheer leaders, no half time shows, no special espn presentation, no using create a playbook in franchise mode, and all this for $59.99!!!! Damn!! What the hell EA???

If only i could be part of EA and have my voice heard. This is next gen, and it seems with every new system we get lazy developers....all they care about is money, i just hope games will survive in the long run and get better....

I will still bend over and take it up the a$$ another year when i buy my copy, but hell, next year there better be a change!!!

LeShin4154d ago

"I will still bend over and take it up the a$$ another year when i buy my copy"

....and thats EXACTLY why EA will never have to improve Madden, because people will still buy it, not me, but other people

GRRiMREEAPeR4154d ago

damn damn damn... if u KNOW its trash why would u buy it??? why would you? all u do is keep the evil ea cycle going... u spelled ur mane wrong its not spelled 'titians' its spelled 'sheep'.

THE_JUDGE4154d ago (Edited 4154d ago )

Microsoftish to me, Moore should fit in just right.

EDIT: Aw, I hurt some peoples feelings. Isn't that the Microsoft motto?

Mr Murda4154d ago

Hey, I'm gonna try to help you listen.

You see those nice looking bubbles across from your name? Well they will go away fast with comments like that on this site. Fanboys are punished and not rewarded.

Just thought I'd give you a heads up before you go posting that kind of language on another topic.


Trick Nolte4154d ago

I hope Take-Two continunes with its 2K series. Seems like when EA has some competition they tend to put more effort into their games. Its sad that they want to crush the competiton for the sake of going back to making half assed games that football fanatics have no choice to buy bc its the only football title on the shelves.

If they put more effort into Madden and NCAA they wouldnt have to worry about what other football games existed.

Balance4154d ago

although i hate madden because it is a buggy glitchy POS every year, i played the 2k demo and i hate to say it, it sucked compared to ncaa 08 which madden will be alot like.

Wolverick4154d ago

I played this demo as well hoping it would be better than madden as well because i was willing to jump ship after 6 straight years of madden(before that it was gameday!). However madden is definitely the best football game this year so I'm gonna buy it again. The 2k8 Demo was just plain boring. Plus there something about being able to play as my beloved Bills that i just couldn't get playing All Pro...

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The story is too old to be commented.