Xbox 360 S launches in Japan this week

Microsoft has confirmed the release of its new-look Xbox 360 for the Japanese market.

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Jamie Foxx4020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

..sorry i dont mean to laugh but the japanese are very techno savy and are not gullible when it comes to electronics,they produce the best cutting edge electronics in the world, i believe this is the reason 360 is a flop there,360 had all the JRPG's yet still didnt sell,this tells me its just too last-gen in features for the japanese, wi-fi?psp and DS had this 5 years ago, the wii has wi-fi AND motion control, 5 years it ago motion control was something new and exciting so the wii sold well,its 2010 and 5 years after being on the market 360 now incorporates wi-fi and NOTHING else with microsofts new slogan 'ready for the future' with locked HD's,no bluetooth,bluray,HDMI 1.2 or true dolby 7.1?

microsoft will do well in USA no doubts about that,but japans a burnt candle

Wrathman4020d ago

japan buys only japanese..gud luck with thats MS.

maddhatter1234020d ago

yeah dance kinda like how the 360 pretty much only sells in america right?

Hacker4020d ago

Japan are still butt hurt after losing the war against America lol they need to forget the past and move on.

maddhatter1234020d ago

wow 360 fanboys are no longer just an embarrassment to their parents and themselves but an entire country.

masterofpwnage4020d ago

that wasnt called for.

thats why people like you make americans look like asshole to the outside world.

Meryl4020d ago

lol i bet it will sell even less than the psp go.
@hacker that was lame, america was not the only country to serve in that war you know:(:( and japan is becoming more western friendly as time goes by just look at all the great games we get coming across here now, there was a time when it was not even worth doing a translation for a game.... if it was not for japan gameing as we know would not be the same