Big-Boned Xbox 360 Gets Price Slashed In U.S. And Europe

Microsoft announced a new, slimmer Xbox 360 at the end of their E3 keynote, and that means that its bulkier units who still display the red ring of death when they die are selling for significantly less.

Arcade bundles have vacated the $199 mark to make way for their small, black successor and now retail for $149.99, as you can see on and at Best Buy. Elites, meanwhile, have taken a step down to $249.99.

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Quagmire4013d ago

Big-Boner Xbox 360 Gets Price Slashed In U.S. And Europe

nix4012d ago

"...who still display the red ring of death..." ouch!

ASSASSYN 36o4012d ago

The man said TAAA DAAAA!

@Nix Didn't take long for the local trolls to roll in.

vhero4012d ago

Problem is once the older 360s have sold out MS have said they are no longer making any more which probably means they will stop support for them aswell just like with the Xbox. Soon as the 360 came out they immediately dropped support for 360 this feels like its happening all over again.

LoydX-mas4012d ago

If you are talking about the actual manufacturing of the original xbox, Nvidia held the patent to the gpu and they stopped production in late 2005. MS had no choice but to stop selling since they could not continue production without that gpu. MS never owned the rights to the design.

This is why the 360 was built with 100% MS patents and design. this is not a NEW 360, just an updated 360 with all the same capabilities (except built in wi-fi)

Only just this April did MS stop Xbox Live support for the original xbox.

Noami4012d ago (Edited 4012d ago )

250 4 elite? ms love fooling blinded if you buy it with wifi its 350$ more than xbox360 s
but 150 for arcade...i think im buying one of thous to merge it with one of my rrod xbox.

iceman29294012d ago

Sort of a repost at least as it litteraly combines two seperate posts...

(I can't find the one that talks about the british/euro cut but i know i've seen it on here before)

Dorwrath4012d ago

Walmart had the arcade last weekend for \: Arcade + $50 gift card for $149.99. I didn't get one, but thought it was a pretty good deal. Especially for those who do their grocery shopping at Walmart.

nachokingp4012d ago

This "news" is like 2 weeks old, way to keep up MTV.

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