10 Hottest Cosplayers from AnimeNEXT

Original Gamer: "This past weekend, AnimeNEXT was happening in Somerset, New Jersey. We were there to see some of the hottest cosplayers around."

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MrShadowsGhost4012d ago

the last picture was freakin HOT

armycore4012d ago

Damn right. I almost feel a little creepy but it's so hot.

GrieverSoul4012d ago

I dont feel ashamed that I like girls because Im a man and all, but... I love that these articles get to 800º in no time and yet have a handfull of comments.

It cracks me up!

On topic:
Ive seen better cosplay. Some of these girls are little bit slu***...

Biggest4012d ago

They aren't slutty. They're ugly and flabby. Every last one of them. Except who they thought might have been Carmen Sandiego. That is just some chick with big glasses passing through the area. LOL

ThanatosDMC4012d ago

The pics are horribly squeezed or whatever from top to bottom... it made most of the girls look fat except the pic of the "carmen sandiego" chick... though yes, she does look like just another passerby... gotta love the boob shot though.

GamingBuddha094012d ago

god i hope they are legal...either way very hot

Quagmire4012d ago

Approved by Q, legal or not :P

zootang4012d ago

Most of these girls look like they need a good wash

adamx4012d ago

I approve but not of #6 she may be packing something I want NO part of!!

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The story is too old to be commented.