Unreal Tournament 3 Shaky-Cam Footage from Comic-Con

BeyondUnreal member Princess_Die had the opportunity to visit Comic-Con and take some shaky-cam footage of one of the hourly UT3 deathmatches.

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MikeJonesOK5299d ago

SWEET. This will go nice next to my RFOM.

SmokeyMcBear5299d ago

holy crap that was intense, the graphics, the amount of weapons, simply incredible. In looking at this game, it just seems impossible to play this game on a console controller, its just too quick. You need the precise movement of a keyboard and mouse. I really hope that the ps3 version will support a bluetooth keypboard and mouse, cuz I just see how this could be played any other way. HALO and RFOM can be played because the action is a lot slower and the analog sticks can control the movement with enough precision at that speed, this just seems on another level.

ngg123455299d ago

It has kb/m compatabilitiy. That is the reason why I'm not going to upgrade my pc for this game.

Kleptic5299d ago

yeah and we haven't seen how much auto-aim they will incorporate into the game...that makes a big difference in a good or bad way depending on how you look at it...

but yeah the game looks great...nice and fast...I am assuming that was the PS3 version, just because most of the demonstrations have been so far...and also his movements were not very fluid at all at times, someting that points towards a controller for now...

I am very excited to buy this game...then die all the has been a long time since I have played a fast paced PC shooter like this...

VirusE5299d ago

GOD that game play was so freaking fast i am not even sure what i just saw!

yocdub5299d ago

The dude was dominating the whole match. Nice, can't wait to play this.

ngg123455299d ago

Because if this does, it blows away cod4, and killzone 2 away

Phytonadione5299d ago (Edited 5299d ago )

...would it be to find out that the game looks exactly like what the camera recorded, quality-wise. PS2/Gamecube anyone? But seriously, I've played previous UT games and I got to say that the action is a bit too quick for my tastes. No doubt it's fun, it's just that I suck. I mean, I suck bad. The very first time I went online, I didn't know what I was doing and won 5 games straight. Since those first 5 games, I've only won every 25 or so matches. The very definition of beginner's luck.

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The story is too old to be commented.