Blu-Ray Review

From : "They say the outcome of a war is not determined on the battlefield, but rather in the strategy rooms long before the first shot is fired. And so it is with the great "format war" between the new high definition video disc rivals HD-DVD and Blu-ray. From our vantage point, it appears that HD-DVD has already won."

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Theonetheonly6468d ago

I Knew it but i couldnt prove it

hmmm good read!!

Islandkiwi6468d ago

I had no idea load times were so long for both types of players. What's the reason for that?

DC RID3R6468d ago

like i've said b4, $1000 bucks for compressed mpeg2 is seriously taking the piss!!!!

does SONY think the entire population are punks!?!?!

if i want a mpeg2 movie, i'll just download it, but y bother when i can download mpeg 4 ones????

SONY - FIX UP!!!!!!

achira6467d ago

a bit biased the article, especially if you know that the blue ray quality is indeed better than hd-dvd. go to a shop and look yourself.

MONTY 1876467d ago

I would agree but i have heard all these points about the differences before!! The load times are interesting though. Aint heard about that b4!


i went, i saw, and i chose the HD-DVD by toshiba, because it looked OBVIOUSLY better than blu-ray. Sony TV too!

jib6467d ago

i think you're the one whos biased.