Three Major Problems With Red Dead Redemption

Rockstar's latest open world game is really great. The change of setting and pace makes for a great experience but the game also carries over some of the major problems every GTA game has had for as long as I can remember. It also manages to introduce new problems and issues.

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HighDefinition3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

I dont agree w/ talking about the problems, RDR is a great game.

GWAVE3742d ago

RDR is a great game, but I feel it was GTA4 all over again.

In other words, the media showers 10/10 scores on a 8.5/10 game.

WildArmed3742d ago

I'm with SupaGamer on this one.
RDR had one of the best single player experiences in awhile.
I think have the people are unconsciously hating on it coz of GTA4.

I'm not saying it's perfect, it has it's fair share of problems... and glitches.. and server issues... lol

But it was a great experience. The single player was just mind blowing fun.
The game is a solid 9 for me. I'm glad I bought it.
The MP's bugged ass and laggy ass is the only reason why I docked a point. But it works great 4 out of 5 times for me.
Free DLC is also a good plus!
On top of that, I gotta say that the free roam mode has ALOT to do, if you're a completionist you'll be hooked for a long time.

Wild West Setting was the best thing about the game.
It just felt right! :D

ThanatosDMC3742d ago

It's a great game and it deserve it's 9-10 scores but it becomes repetitive since we play it to death. I know i did because i liked it too much. 100+ hrs on it.


" but it becomes repetitive since we play it to death. I know i did because i liked it too much. 100+ hrs on it. "

very, true but you could say that about any game. The great thing about games like GTA and Red Dead as that at least within the free roam, things still happen randomly, you know what to expect sure, but you still don't know when it's going to happen etc.

if games like Red Dead are called out for being repetitive, I don't know how people cannot say the same about games like Uncharted, MGS... halo etc, after you have played them once you know exactly where everyone spawns, how many are going to spawn etc etc...

That does not mean they are still not fun, but as far as repetitive goes, they are a lot worse, yet people rag on gta and Red Dead.

anyway, I love Red and it's a solid 9.5 in my book. best single player game for me so far this year.

enjoyed it more then Mass Effect or God of war 3.

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himdeel3742d ago

...RDR is a good game but 7.5-8.8 tops.

ThanatosDMC3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

One thing i didnt like about the game was how you were introduced in the beginning. I was so confused... the first second i got out the train, i pointed my gun atsomebody and shot him. Bad idea since apparently i couldnt go crazy till way after the long tutorial. I didnt understand why i was doing what i was doing till later.

By the way, after the first time i shot the guy, the next time i tried to just punch him and it was the same thing... so i ended up actually behaving for a while. Glad that there was a bandana.

Lich1203742d ago

I think rockstar games are weird to review. They contain an odd mix of nearly perfect story telling and presentation with severely flawed mechanics (auto-aim / controls). Some parts of the game deserve high 9's while others i think are severely flawed.

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pat_11_53742d ago

I completely agree with you, I just feel like reviewers are blinded by Rockstar's pedigree. Also, as you can see in my story I stated that it's a great game, a great game hindered by some major flaws. There is no denying that the game has some serious issues. I didn't even write about the numerous glitches and other problems the game has experienced since launch.

RatFuker3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

SHOULD I BUY THIS GAME? havent played it

Army_of_Darkness3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

but its still sealed! lol! I only bought it cause I got a deal for $50 flat! heheh..

DarkTower8053742d ago

Yes, buy the game! I don't agree with anything the writer said. I have no problem controlling my character. Auto-aim is for pussies. The setting is awesome.

And no, I'm not all on R*'s jock. I hated most every GTA with the exception of Vice City, and thankfully this is nothing like them. The setting is so gorgeous and there's so much to do I find myself constantly getting sidetracked from missions to hunt and complete challenges. The missions aren't repetitive and you'll likely never get bored.

poindat3742d ago

Buy it. It's worth it for the unique atmospheric sequences alone. There are some moments in the game that have impacted me and will stay with me far in to the future, in the same way that childhood experiences stay with you or something profound.

It really is a beautiful game, and that alone is enough to overcome many of its flaws.

HQLocated1113742d ago

No don't buy it, its GTAIV:Western Expansion with hunting, its fun for like the first week and a half until you're done with the SP. Then the MP is the same as GTAIV it may be fun for a couple of days then you realize its the same shit.

Great storyline but thats about it.

Or maybe I just don't enjoy GTA games anymore idk.

ReservoirDog3163742d ago

I say yes. It's my favorite game this year and probably in my top 10.

Now onto my opinion of this article:

1. The controls aren't that bad. They're not pitch perfect 3rd person controls like say, Uncharted 2 or something but they're far from bad and much quicker than GTA IV.

2. Don't use the auto aim then. And it doesn't become unbearably hard. I finished the entire game without auto aim I rarely died. It takes a mission or two to get used to it but then it becomes second nature.

3. If you don't think a western game would be fun, why buy a western game? And as far as the western games released so far, this is by far the best ever. I never fast traveled and I really never got bored. The hunting and events and the strangers and the possiblity of running into a cougar (and later on a bear or two) always kept me interested.

This really is a very very very well made game. If you want a western with a very good story (it does things I've never seen in a video game). I highly recommend it.

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RedSky3742d ago

I blame the consistently 95-100% scores that both Red Dead and GTA IV got on the laziness of games journalists and possibly the bribes lining their pockets.

Yes, they're both extremely pretty, meticulously designed open worlds with relatively expansive story lines.

That doesn't change the fact the mission on both is practically exactly the same 'go here, kill this, return' and hasn't changed since the first GTA. Nor that a stupidly large amount of your gaming time is just spent travelling around not doing anything interesting.

Or the fact that auto-aim poses no challenge other than finding cover.

Or that for their huge free-form designed worlds, the game might as well be linear the way it pushes you from mission to mission. For all their endless minigames, did anyone actually play them more than once? Why would you spend time taking out a virtual girfriend? Did anyone actually play bowling or darts more than once.

At some point Rockstar needs to be called out for what they are, developers who came up with a great concept are great at designing open worlds but who have done nothing significant to improving their gameplay formula from the original GTA3.

poindat3742d ago

"For all their endless minigames, did anyone actually play them more than once?"

Every time I fire up RDR, I always end up finding myself either playing Poker or Liar's Dice! I think that Rockstar did a MUCH better job with RDR in terms of minigames then they had done with GTA IV.

RedSky3742d ago

I'll admit I haven't played Red Dead much, but I just don't see why a game like that even needs say a poker mini-game at all. Instead, they could have spent the time improving customization, even introducing something like a Diablo-like loot system. Possibly even more interesting dynamic objectives you could come across while travelling. Stuff that's actually attached to the core experience and not just a separate distraction.

Gameplay9993742d ago

Yes the Poker game is brilliant and I would buy it as a standalone arcade game! Thats how good it is and it has made me understand the game of poker better as well. Props to Rockstar San Diego, all in all they did a really great job and I am more than looking forward to RDR2, though its probably 2 years away anyway... yet the game itself will keep me compelled for quite qhile along with the DLC releases! Excellent! Rockstar sure knows how to please gamers and quickly!

djfullshred3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

I suppose the poker game would be better playing against real people. I found the AI to be very predictable in betting patterns.

NPC raises first...match if small raise, fold if big raise & you don't have good cards.

NPC checks on first bet, and you have a bad hand...raise, and the NPC will fold.

You have a good hand early...check, and don't raise. Wait a few rounds, to prevent NPC from folding as soon as you raise. If you raise, and NPC matches or raises again, re-evaluate your hand, and whether you want to match...NPC will not be bluffing, and will have a good hand, like full house, straight, flush


I agree about the mini games in GTA4 yes, but not Red Dead...

The first day I played Red Dead, I spent most of the day playing Dead Mans fingers and Liars Dice. The Cheating at poker was fun too, the only one I didn't like was Black Jack, but only because I felt the dealer was cheating and as such I gunned him down a few times !

thats the beauty of R* games... if you don't like the mini games you don't have to play them. The only thing missing from Red dead in my opinion is being able to play the mini games in Multiplayer.

With GTA, ya I found the mini games a boring task and i wish they had stayed away from them, but I think they got it just right in Red Dead.

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Gameplay9993742d ago

Ya know I have the game since launch and was amazed by it. Much of what this writer has to day is true if you are looking at it with dissatisfied eyes, yet IT IS A GAME folks and I had wild expectations for it but the true game brought me back down to earth.

Also I turned off auto-aim first thing when I began the game, it definitely adds a more 'organic' feel to everything in whichcase is great! Unbearably hard?!??! Eh not really just some good challenging fun really.

Also, my wish was that the world was a tad bigger, I mean it is the wild west afterall! but I still have plenty more to do within the world yet I was hoping for a bigger map, eh, o well, I guess I was spolied by Just Cause 2 as far as vast map goes.

MGRogue20173742d ago

The only problem I have with the game is the lack of online players in the PS3 version.

SupaGamer3742d ago

On xbox live it's really easy to find people

Elwenil3742d ago

I don't have any problems finding people on the PS3 version.

bjornbear3741d ago

is very few free roamers, everyone is in matches.

pat_11_53742d ago

Thats a shame, the Xbox 360 version seems to have a pretty good online community. Every time I go online there are tongs of people to play with. The hard-core mode, where I spend the majority of my time, is a little sparse at times but in general there are always a lot of people to play with.