PS3 heats up; Wii drops off CNET's Weekly Hit List

The Playstation 3 is heating up and the Wii has dropped out of CNET's Weekly Hit List, a top twenty of hot electronics based on visitor interest.

The PS3 jumped from No. 9 to No. 6 to stay in the 'Still Warm' category. Meanwhile, Wii has dropped out of the top twenty list after 59 weeks on the chart. It last charted at No. 18.Both PS3 and Wii debuted at the same time on the Weekly Hit List.

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achira4556d ago

ps3 is the number one !!! ähh actually six, but i think this will change.

super bill4556d ago


D R Fz4556d ago

Thats right. PS3 will be number one.

Krimson4556d ago

Dropping off that list like 2 months before release. Not a good sign.

Chronical4556d ago

Pointless article. This does not mean anything

shoota334556d ago

Why because your xflop 1.5 is not even in a place.

Chronical4556d ago

was i talking about the 360. No. SO STFU

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The story is too old to be commented.