Kinect Re-Appears on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon & Miranda Cosgrove

Xbox Evolved:

"Microsoft is holding no breaks in making sure the general public knows all about Kinect. What cooler spot to also show it than with Jimmy Fallon? "


Video is now live on the site

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Coded-Dude3041d ago

although i usually watch fallon. i'll have to catch an internet clip of it later.

ProA0073041d ago

it's nothing you have to see. trust me. zzzzzzz

tokoshix3041d ago

I'm sure it's just the usual marketing stuff, so nothing really interesting. Pretty much learned everything about the device at E3.

Tony P3041d ago

The more I see this targeted at non-gamers, the sadder I get.

I want a Kinect game I can be *proud* to own as a gamer. One day.

sonarus3041d ago

I saw it full of lag. The girls was standing there and her character just started twitching out of control.

Plus you can clearly see the game is full of Lag. Regardless though i don't care...its a piece of tech directed to casual gamers so kudos to MS for this. Unfortunately i don't fall into the casual crowd so this does not interest me one bit.

What does interest me though is a cheaper 360 slim with a hard drive and wifi capablities for 50 or maybe 100 bucks cheaper

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Blaze9293041d ago

was pretty funny. same demos they showed at E3 though. Nothing new. But they sure are marketing it quick.

AridSpider3041d ago

Yeah they did the same thing the day after they announced Natal last year with Good Morning America and Fallon back when it was called Natal. No doubt this thing will sell I suspect. Will it succeed technically though is the question

ProA0073041d ago

well they did say they are launching this like the launch of a new xbox.

AridSpider3041d ago

Well they price has not been 'confirmed' yet by anyone....

AridSpider3041d ago

wow first that girl's co-worker hosts the Kinect event and now she's her playing it. I see the audience Microsoft is definitely going after with Bieber, Cosgrove and McCurdy - teenage pop audiences.

Cueil3041d ago

it's that female crowd that they would love to hook into...

JasonXE3041d ago

She's kind of hot.


Boring show.

SpaceSquirrel3041d ago

Interesting. They did the same last year as well.

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The story is too old to be commented.