PS2 goes Hi-Def!

New gizmo will upgrade those ageing standard def games.
Yes, you read that right - you'll soon be able to upscale regular PlayStation 2 games to 720p and 1080i Hi-Def quality, thanks to the Xploder HDTV Game Player.

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DC RID3R5396d ago

now, you won't need to buy a PS3!!!!!!
just buy a blu-ray player, and you sony fans are SORTED!!!!


Sevir045396d ago

The PS3 already does that via complete backward compatibility. this is good news though. Dont be mad because only a handful of the xbox games get that treatment by its nextgen flop. people who wont get the PS3 at launch can enjoy HD on PS2 especially when its got some killa titles on horizon. FFXll looks like a 360 game already. so be jealous!

kingboy5396d ago

lol ps2 is still very active and still producing enough milk ,what about the xbox version of this ,any news on it??

DC RID3R5395d ago

xboxers who know the 'know', this is last gen news man!!!!

TheMART5395d ago

Guys, guys don't be fooled.

It's upscaling from the 480p or in most cases 480i resolution on the PS2. Where the original xbox did put out native 720p for several games.

It's just smugged up again

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