Crackdown 2 Demo Impressions (PlatformNation)

The demo, which drops today for the Xbox 360, is so packed with stuff to do, that they actually had to give you a 30 minute time limit. It is a good thing too, because it was hard to put the demo down as it was. The demo starts with you smack in the middle of a firefight with your Agents, the police force in Pacific City, fighting a terrorist organization called Cell. With little direction, it is up to you to shoot anything that moves, and hope that your bullets hit the bad guys.

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Cajun Chicken4185d ago

Can't wait to get my hands on this. Is it live yet?

secksi-killer4185d ago

i played some 3 player co-op this afternoon, and it was really good. day one cant wait

edgeofblade4183d ago

Oh sh*t.

Anyone who calls Crackdown a GTA clone has no clue what they're talking about. It's more of a super hero game than a GTA clone.