Gamer’s Heaven: Andrea Rene Brink Interview With Richard Ham

Andrea Rene hits up Richard Ham of Splash Damage to get the skinny on Brink.

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OOG3863d ago (Edited 3863d ago )

Great interview and definitely a must watch for anyone interested in Brink. This FPS sounds like its going to be a blast and I cannot wait. I have been excited about this game since last E3 and finally its getting closer.

I love the idea of the parkour. I also like how he said as you get used to it you can start pulling off quicker maneuvers instead of letting the SMART system take full control.

Definitely on my must watch list.... early 2011 is look like an FPS explosion of goodness with KZ3, BulletStorm and Brink... o my wallet :/

OOG3863d ago (Edited 3863d ago )

yeah the dude seemed like a great person for interviews... he was all amped about the game and gave lots of info without having to pry...... he got me even more excited to try the game

AntBoogy903863d ago

Well shit . . if it has Andrea Rene in it . . why not watch it ;)