Tales of Studio in financial trouble

Namco Tales Studio is the developer behind Tales of Phantasia, Tales of Eternia, Tales of Destiny and Tales of Vesperia. The studio has seen better days.

A recent financial report has revealed that debt for the studio has piled up so that it has surpassed the studio's total assets, making the developer insolvent. The Tails Studio has accumulated a debt of 21 million dollars and has posted an annual loss of one million dollars.

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Edward-Kraken4015d ago (Edited 4015d ago )

Sad news. :(

Cloudberry4015d ago

D a a a a a a a a a m m m n n n . . . . . . . . .

I've played Vesperia on my 360 but.........

Didn't know the studio would have this kind of problem......... : (

Parapraxis4014d ago

That was actually funny conloles.

blue7xx74014d ago

Yeah agree, they just need to go multiplatform from now on. They keep making exclusives and not doing so good.

Kain814015d ago

but it happens when you doing WRONG buissness choices...
Still no ToV on PS3-----> WRONG

Darkfocus4014d ago

it is on ps3 in japan actually

kesvalk4014d ago

not only that, still no tales of destiny 2 for PSP, and we still don't have any tales for the DS (on the US)

it seems like they don't want to have our money...

Parapraxis4014d ago (Edited 4014d ago )

This is what you get for ignoring Sony in JAPAN and abroad. Seriously.

Kamikaze1354014d ago

This is what they get for making an RPG exclusive for the 360. As much as I love the 360, it never made sense to me. The Japanese don't care for it and since more JRPG buyers are Japanese, that's a huge cut in sales right there. Also, although there are plenty of JRPG lovers in America, Tales games never do well over here, especially on a console where RPGs don't really sell too well.

Had they released it for the PS3 and 360 worldwide at launch, it could have done much better. Also, they rarely ever release Tales games out of Japan. I guess this is why small niche companies like NIS stay afloat since they're constantly releasing their games outside of Japan.

ViciousBoston4014d ago

Well they should have released Vesperia in America for PS3. Idiots.

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MaideninBlack4015d ago

Serves Namco right for not localizing the PS3 version.

Optical_Matrix4015d ago

Their handling of Tales of Vesperia is sickening. They could have made so much money if it was multiplatform and localized for all territories upon launch.

Cloudberry4015d ago

If I recalled it correctly...

Didn't Troy Baker (the voice actor of Yuri Lowell) confirmed PS3's Vesperia English version???

Why did Namco Bandai haven't released it just yet???

koehler834014d ago

They should just hand over all future localization and publication in North America to Atlus. They can probably stick with Atari in Europe but maybe SouthPeak or Square Enix would be a better choice.

Point being: Namco doesn't have a clue what's going on outside of Japan. They take all their cues from platform high-ups and not the consumer.

Redempteur4014d ago

Because namco is in a "SEGA" phase ..doing all sorts of bad decisions

The only good things coming from them is untimate ninja 2

No tales of graces ?
No tales of vesperia PS3 localised ?

How could they ?? I saw the vesperia movie yesterday and that only convinced me that i would play the game if they give me the chance to ..

The symphonia OAvs are quite good too short they only have to sell it if they want sales ...

Kamikaze1354014d ago

Their handling of the entire franchise is sickening. We barely see Tales games release in outside of Japan. I really wish they would sell the IP to somebody else. I think Tri-Ace can handle the series better.

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HighTreason4014d ago

Thats what happens when you make a deal with the devil.

Parapraxis4014d ago (Edited 4014d ago )

No, when you make a deal with the devil nothing happens, because guess what... it's not real.

Unless you were implying MS are the devil, which is equally as stupid, again because it's not real AND Namco were the ones who made the bad decisions. From MS' standpoint they were doing good business.

LOL @ devil/god fearing N4G'ers.

scruffy_bear4014d ago (Edited 4014d ago )

Just release PS3 version of Tales of Vesperia in the EU and US that should help some

Kamikaze1354014d ago

Outside of what the Japanese PS3 owners got, I doubt most people would bother with it.

UltimateIdiot9114014d ago

This is what happens when companies pick short term gains over long term gains.

Even if they release ToV on PS3 tomorrow, I've long lost interest in getting it.

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