No Gears of War Expansion for 360

Gears of War is on its way to PC with some new missions and a map editor. The question on the minds of every Xbox 360 owner is whether or not these additions will make their way to Microsoft's console. In an interview with IGN PC, Epic's Lead Designer Cliff Bleszinski and Gears PC Producer Rod Fergusson dashed the dreams of millions of fans.

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Effects Guardian5239d ago

I'm alright with them not releasing the PC content. As long as they are fully working on a full-blown sequel with said features and more.

Honeal2g5239d ago

no one will give a rats a$$ about this game i;m sorry i only play it because yes its fun but in reality just appeals to me more than h2(even tho i played that for years) but when halo3 comes out only thing epic has left is unreal which is hot but i doubt will sell as much

Marona5239d ago

I have to disagree with you there. Not everyone who owns an Xbox 360 likes or even plans to buy Halo 3.

Legionaire20055239d ago (Edited 5239d ago )

At first they said that Gears of War was an Xbox360 exclusive, now out of nowhere during E3 2007 Epic announce Gears of War for PC with exclusive content. It was like a slap in the face when they said that!!! I feel like I got a unfinished version of Gears of War when they announced this for PC. I hope the same thing doesn't happen to Halo 3, because it just nullifies the 360 experience when the PC gets the real complete version of the game. I am afraid that Game Developers are starting this trend to give the PC version of games all the credit, while the console version before it seems like a incomplete version.

Lord Anubis5239d ago

I don't think people remember or weren't aware but Gears was announced for PC when it was announced for the x360. It was later announced as an X360 exclusive since epic did not the man power to work on the PC version and now they are porting to the PC.

Funky Town_TX5239d ago

They are PC dev at heart. What do you expect. Their is no such thing as an exclusive anymore. Halo2 was stamped "only on xbox". As long as I gte to play it I could care less. It's not like Gears is the end all of gaming. In 2 months we will say gears who.

Honeal2g5239d ago

yet i still play it for some reason but that will all change in 2 months ..i mean epic needs to get there matchmaking act together no team ranked .....unbalanced ....shafted story hands down..... i love my xbox but i think it was the dvd9 that held it back

razer5239d ago

It's going to be on a DVD9 on the PC.. I don't think disc size has anything to do with it. I suppose they could install the game to HDD but still I don't think DVD9 has anything to do with it.. That sounds like Sony BS talk right there.

All I can say is I will remember this when Gears 2 comes out. I will not be purchasing it because I know there will be a better version right around the corner. And then I might consider it. Just like early adopters on hardware it looks like Epic purchases need the same approach.. Wait it out for awhile!
Cliffy B also spewed BS that Gears is an ongoing work in progress, yea it's a work in progress all right.. for the PC.. I don't mind PC gamers getting this title but I do mind having the gimped version on the 360. This is right with Halo as a flagship title.. It just cheapins the 360.. Nice job to all the aholes who screwed this pooch! MS and Epic combined!

MyNameIsNotRick5239d ago

Exactly what I was thinking. I'll wait next time.

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Bnet3435239d ago

I'd pay money for this damn it, come on!

gogators5239d ago

who wants to play on map someone else has created, where they know where everything is and you don't. Though it would still be a nice feature, I just don't see it being used more than some of the time. I've got to play a game for almost year over any who will just have it for the PC. I'd rather see Epic try and create some innovative stuff, instead of worring who they might p!ss of next.

Marceles5239d ago

you'd be surprised how good people are at developing maps while sucking at the game itself...

Corrupt5239d ago (Edited 5239d ago )

I'd imagine they'd incorperate some of the content into GoW2 (which he's "never heard of"), like the Brumak battle. I expect them to compensate for it in some way.

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