Pain Preview

Have you ever wanted to hurtle people towards an inevitable and surely painful target using a larger than life slingshot? C'mon, CCC knows the thought has crossed your mind! Well, regardless if you're willing to admit it or not, the PlayStation Network is coming out with a downloadable game to be released sometime this fall to assuage your need to cause mayhem. That game is Pain.

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MK_Red5415d ago

Its PAINfully hard to wait for this game, with potential to become the ultimate party game! (But they need to work on physics and some other stuff)

tethered5415d ago

Sorry but this game looks like it could be fun for about 20 minutes to a half hour tops.

I just don't see the replay value here.

Chriswsm5404d ago

This looks like the kind of game you will play when stressed after a tough day at work. There is no other feeling as good as catapulting some poor sod into the side of a building to lift the mood.

Count me in and I hope they release it worldwide at the same time (unlikely I know).

Shaka2K65404d ago

I read about this game on Game Imformer the other day, its looks so much fun and i totally dig the idea cant wait to try that game for my self.