Madden NFL 08: New Gameplay Video

Madden NFL 08, slated for consoles and PCs this fall, will get a taste of the 'Big Hit' feature within the game. Revised from the previous Madden, players will be able to use new features, and deepen their gameplay experience with the best-selling professional football franchise this year.

In the video, "Holmes Gets Tossed," viewers will see just a peek of what Madden NFL 08 has to offer.

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FirstknighT5419d ago

That is the best MADDEN game I have seen since............last years :p

PS360WII5419d ago (Edited 5419d ago )

Yea looks suprisingly close to what it was in 07. I wonder what position they are going to make unbelievable this year. I know running game was it last time... hmmm I say give it to the DT ^^

Numark5418d ago

am i the only one that thinks EA will actually get it right this year?

I am very excited for this madden game to be honest.