Wild ARMs on Japan's Playstation Store

It's near the end of the month and Sony updated the Playstation Store in Japan with 14 new titles. There are a few first party games on the list like the RPG Bealphareth and Tiny Bullets. However, the notable additions are series starters like King's Field, Armored Core and Wild ARMs. Each game clocks in at 600 yen ($5), which is not a bad deal to try out the lost sequel in the Jumping Flash series, Robbit Mon Dieu.

Hit the link for the complete list.

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paracardium5416d ago

Oh man wild arms and kings field are awsome Ps1 games. I had them for ps1 but sold them all way back then :( but would buy again for $5 easy.

LSDARBY5416d ago

why do Japan get 10+ PSOne games every week

Bazookajoe_835416d ago

Will this come to eu store? or do we get something diffrent, and why!!!!!

Marceles5416d ago

They need to step up their PS classics on the NA store...well all PS stores actually. Some other people might think "give us the new games now!", but there's many classic PS1 games that I wouldn't mind bringing some nostalgia to my PS3. They started off good with Castlevania but I hope there's some more surprise PS1 classics.

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The story is too old to be commented.