Next Splinter Cell delayed: Ubisoft explains why

Ubisoft gives Games Radar the real reason why the fifth installment in the Splinter Cell series has been moved to a 2008 release date.

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madness5796d ago

I believe that is what Ubisoft said when they saw the MGS4 trailer. LOL

Razzy5796d ago

Agreed Maximo, they were probably like "Ohhh Sh*t, we need more time to spruce 'er up guys"

shysun5796d ago

Head to head with MGS4...dumbest move EVER!I love SC games but I'm a MGS fan to the core!;)

Salvadore5796d ago

How can it be stupid to go head to head with MSG? Both of these games are exclusive titles and not multiplatform games.

Bathyj5796d ago

Yeah, I think they saw MGS and said "Woah, we better get this right."

I dont mean that in a bad way, MGS is the new high water mark.

More time can only be good for us gamers, and heres hoping SC is better than the last one which I found disappointing.

Cartesian3D5796d ago

I love this game.. I mean conviction .. double agent wasnt that good ..

cant wait to play this one.. ubi soft want to make their games with less bugs.. so they need more time..

I remember sth from someone , plz dont compare MGS and SC

"SC cant even pee in the same pool as MGS4"

solidt125796d ago

They saw the footage of MGS4 and went back to the drawing board. I don't blame them that's alot of pressure to deal with. Since the 360 won't get MGS4 they need to really make the next Splinter Cell the best one yet but either way MGS and Snake is the King.

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