Gears of Gore: Clive Barker's Jericho Hands-on

This game is nasty with a capital "N," but Jericho's grisly design is what makes it such a promising title. The textures on the monstrous enemies will remind you of beasties such as the Berserkers from Gears of War. But the monsters themselves and Jericho's overall imagery are much more grotesque than anything seen in Gears of War, Resident Evil, Doom, or any other horror-inspired video game for that matter. Even the game's main menu is gruesome--flies hover around a wall of moist stretched muscle tissue. The official ESRB rating is still pending, but you can bet your life's savings that a Mature will be slapped onto Jericho.

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MK_Red5419d ago

Not sure on the M rating. The way they are describing the game, it could end up like Manhunt2 and get AO. Lets hope for the best that Jericho survives the ESRB and gets a M rating without any censoring or watering it down.
(Right now Manhunt 2 is banned, Condemned 2: BloodShot is censor and toned down which leaves us with Jericho.)

Antan5419d ago

It won`t get censored like Manhunt. There are a number of grotesque situations in the game but nothing as ..."realistic" as Manhunt 2. We are dealing with zombies, monsters etc etc! realistic huh??!!! hehe.

Rhezin5419d ago

f1cking ESRB what the hell.

SlippyMadFrog5419d ago

How does the ESRB rating influence us, the gamer? I'm well over 18, will it have any impact on me? Will I be able to buy Manhunt 2?

Rute5419d ago

MS, Nintendo and Sony do not allow publishing of AO rated games, so the game has to get M rating for you or anyone else to purchase it.

aggh im on fire5419d ago (Edited 5419d ago )

The ESRB refused to give Manhunt2 a rating so you won't be able to get it in the UK. Personally i think if your over 18 you should be able to play what the hell you want. The media is always saying that Games are emotionally stunted but if whenever the indusrty pushes the boundaries are tries to cater for adults they ban them, what do they expect

Wasn't to sure about this game at first even though im a fan of Barker's work but it's starting to sound fairly intersesting now.

Right, im off to slaughter some virgins now.... that's a joke by the way incase the papers are watching.

solidt125419d ago

This will be the goreist game ever. i want to play this at night while the kids are sleep.